Retail Point-of-Sale Solutions for Telecom

Efficient Sales and So Much More

A valuable point-of-sale solution needs to go beyond the transaction. From improving transaction times to bettering the in-store experience for both associates and customers, a POS should be easy to use and include more than transactional functionality. Your solution needs front-of-house like mobile POS, payment processing, and contactless payments.

iQmetrix Retail POS
iQmetrix RQmobile Mobile POS

User-friendly solutions mean decreased activation times

Our solutions carry the weight of complex telecom transactions so your associates don’t have to. An easy-to-use interface means that the front-end interactions are simple, with powerful integrations — carrier activations, trade-in, warranty, payments, and more — making it happen.

Go mobile to increase revenue and exceed customer expectations

A mobile-first approach is a customer-first approach. Our mobile POS has complete parity with our desktop POS, allowing you to transform the shopping experience, complete sales faster to increase revenue, and save money on store setup costs by switching from POS desktops to tablets.

iQmetrix Omnichannel Solutions

Leverage omnichannel integrations to boost revenue

Bridge the customer experience by unifying transactions online and in-store. Omnichannel-ready solutions that integrate into a POS help to capture more sales. Add buy or reserve online, pick up in-store, dropship, curbside pickup, or queue management solutions to open the purchase path possibilities.

Protect your company against employee theft

Reduce the potential for loss and theft by effectively managing POS permissions. From employee roles, security permissions, to full or blind cash-in and cash-outs, cash skims, and cash drops, associates will only have access to what they need to do their job well. Plus, full reporting and investigation capabilities are available if something seems amiss.

We have more time to focus on our customers.

Sales Rep, TCC

Add Value to Your Point of Sale

Our point-of-sale solution connects with robust retail management tools that complete the full-suite telecom retail solution.

Inventory Management & Supply Chain

Whether you’re looking for a full system overhaul or added integration, your business deserves robust inventory and supply chain management that can accurately count, forecast, serialize, and integrate with next-level solutions like BOPIS, ROPIS, Curbside Pickup, and more.

Reporting, Data & Analytics

Making better business decisions is easy when you have got data on your side. Access an extensive reporting ecosystem that informs revenue-generating decisions. This iQmetrix module includes on-premise, cloud, and mobile reporting as well as Business Intelligence tools and data streams.

Employee Management

When employees are satisfied, profitability is sure to follow. Use this module for creating and editing employee groups, security roles, commissions, attendance and time, scheduling, punch clocks, reporting, and more. You can also integrate into your system or a third party — whatever you need to succeed.

Customer Relationship & Data Management

Build a complete view of your consumer with data collected from every transaction. With access to purchase history and insights into future trends, you’ll be able to better support customers as they buy. This actionable data is accessible across your organization and can be integrated into your CRM.

Finance & Accounting

Keep precise record of deposits, purchases, credits, and RMAs while being able to auto-reconcile vendor and carrier commissions. If you use a finance and accounting system already, this module easily integrates so all information is available in one place when you need it most.

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Transaction times improved, and the customer experience improved. It became a seamless transaction to the point where we thought it was almost happening too fast.

Frank Gumino

Are you ready for a future-focused point-of-sale?