Bill Payment Software Solutions for Telecom

Make Bill Payments Effortless, from Customer to Carrier

iQmetrix Bill Pay simplifies the process of transferring money between bank accounts, ensures accurate and hassle-free disbursement of bill payments, and eliminates friction when moving funds between customers, authorized retailers, and carriers.

iQmetrix Bill Pay

Simple, intuitive bill payments

Our simple, intuitive interface allows sales associates to quickly and accurately process customer bill payments. 

A seamless setup process reduces the effort required to enable new locations or agents to accept payments for carrier accounts.


Simplified Money Management

Complex Transfer Processes Need Flexibility

Bill Pay offers highly adaptable program configuration to accommodate any fund movement flow needed by carriers and authorized retailers. This includes customizable payment schedules and terms, providing flexibility to meet specific requirements.

Guaranteed Fund Disbursement

Program changes can be made in real time, guaranteeing prompt transfer of funds from retailer accounts to the carrier. With the elimination of void checks, everyone gets paid on time. 

Full Compliance and Fraud Reduction

To ensure compliance with varying and evolving money transmission laws, iQmetrix takes a zero-risk compliance approach by partnering with Pathward. As an authorized money transmission facilitator in all states, this partnership minimizes the risk of business disruptions. 

Robust, Accurate Reporting

The iQmetrix online reporting tool provides powerful financial reporting and seamless reconciliation. Whether you’re collaborating with authorized retailers or carriers, you’ll have access to all the necessary data.

Integrated with RQ

For even more efficiency, Bill Pay seamlessly integrates with both RQ and RQmobile. With minimal setup, you can access customer data, transactional history, and payment functionality.

Are you ready to optimize your bill payments process?