iQmetrix Goes Global With Close of Synchronoss DXP and Activation Solutions Acquisition   |  Read the release

iQmetrix Goes Global With Close of Synchronoss DXP and Activation Solutions Acquisition
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Retail management, omnichannel, and point-of-sale solutions designed for telecom retailers to maximize operational efficiency, deliver a unified experience, and enable customers to buy anywhere.

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Intelligent Retail built for Telecom
Intelligent Retail built for Telecom

Telecom is Complicated

Success in the face of changing consumer expectations and intense competition hinges on the ability to be agile, forward-thinking, and informed to make intelligent decisions.

Our Solutions

We believe that every first-class customer experience has a leading retail management solution behind it.

iQmetrix Retail Management Solutions

Retail Management

Increase operational efficiencies with strong back-of-house solutions that cover multi-channel inventory management, data & analytics, employee performance, commissions, reconciliations, and more.

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iQmetrix Omnichannel Solutions


Connect in-store experiences to digital retail channels with dropship, curbside pickup, and queue management, as well as e-commerce solutions such as buy or reserve online, pickup in-store.

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iQmetrix POS


Reduce transaction times and provide a better experience for customers with our easy-to-use, front-of-house solutions. It's your POS, mobile POS, payment processing, and contactless payments — all in one.

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iQmetrix Integrations Platform

Integrations Platform

Efficiency is created when you integrate systems to work better together. There is no one-size fits all solutions for every business.

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iQmetrix Enterprise Retail Services

Enterprise Services

Build custom integrations for any area of your ecosystem in ways that a third-party doesn’t have access to, including custom endpoints.

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Our Solutions are Trusted in 20,000 Retail Locations

Telecom Retail Management

We had built our own POS in-house software and as you can imagine, it was very time consuming, very complex, very costly and it really took away from focusing on our retail locations and associates. Ultimately, we revaluated that decision and decided to go with a full implementation iQmetrix’s solutions, with a mobile-first strategy.
Frank Gumino
iQmetrix showed they are the best provider and are at the forefront of developing new innovations.
Dennis Ferguson
Owner, Zagg
We attribute a large part of our most successful day in the history of our company to RQ and how fast our staff could process sales.
JT Thome
COO, Cellular Sales
There’s such a level of growth and opportunity once you implement RQ.
Jason Raymer
Director of Sales, Bluegrass Cellular

There’s a reason we’ve been doing this for 20 years, are in 20,000 locations, and have award-winning solutions.

Telecom is in our DNA. We modernize telecom retail with customizable out-of-box software that enables businesses to take things to the next level. And we get to work with some pretty incredible people to make that happen.

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