About iQmetrix

The Human Side of Telecom Retail

iQmetrix’s purpose is to Create Great Experiences. We aim to enrich the lives of our employees, our partners, our clients, and their customers by enabling a wireless retail experience that’s as human as our fundamental need for connection.

Our Story

We believe the telecom retail experience should be as human as our fundamental need for communication and connection. Unfortunately, the complexities of wireless retail often make the process of buying and activating a device disjointed and cumbersome.

The complexities of the sector became apparent in the late 90s, when cellphones were becoming popular. Christopher Krywulak, our founder, owned wireless stores in Canada at that time. He was frustrated by the constant need to fax reports between locations and manually track information. He felt there had to be a better, more humane way to manage wireless retail, but he couldn’t find an existing solution. 

So in 1999, he launched his own cellphone retail tech company, and​“Intelligent Metrics” or​“iQmetrix” was born. For more than 20 years, iQmetrix has been dedicated to providing great experiences for telecom retailers and their customers. Now an enterprise-level company with hundreds of employees, iQmetrix has offices and staff hubs across the United States, Canada, India, and Germany. 

Today, iQmetrix’s suite of Interconnected Commerce solutions powers the wireless retail operations of leading telecom brands — including major carriers and globally recognized device manufacturers. We also serve big-box retailers and authorized wireless dealers of all sizes. 

With our extensive experience and strong presence in the North American market, iQmetrix has developed deep connections and expertise that provide us with a unique perspective. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry allows us to deliver exceptional value, both now and in the future. 

  1. 1999

    iQmetrix is founded in Regina, SK

  2. 2002

    First clients are signed after three years of development

  3. 2002

    iQmetrix was named one of Top 25 Up and Coming IT Companies in Canada by The Branham Group

  4. 2006

    Denver office opens, after a year of iQmetrix hosting US client data at a Denver datacenter

  5. 2006

    iQmetrix achieves market leadership among North American indirect wireless retailers

  6. 2008

    iQmetrix Completes Acquisition of Work Software Systems

  7. 2009

    RQ4 the next generation of RetailiQ Retail Management, was launched

  8. 2009

    iQmetrix head office relocates from Regina, SK, to Vancouver, BC

  9. 2011

    iQmetrix reaches milestone of RQ solution powering 10,000 wireless retail locations

  10. 2012

    iQmetrix signs first Australian client

  11. 2018

    Tier 1 carrier rolled out the iQmetrix BOPIS solution across its authorized retailer doors

  12. 2019

    RQ solution powers over 20,000 wireless retail stores in US and Canada

  13. 2020

    The iQmetrix omnichannel suite of solutions is named the Business App of the Year at the Mobile Breakthrough Awards

  14. 2020

    RQ powers $15.5 billion wireless sales in US and Canada

  15. 2021

    iQmetrix launches Remote Pay contactless payment solution

  16. 2022

    iQmetrix goes global with Synchronoss DXP and Activation Solutions acquisition

  17. 2022

    iQmetrix listed as one of BCs Top 50 Employers 

  18. 2023

    iQmetrix launches unified activation solution Carrier Connect

  19. 2023

    iQmetrix ranked as one of Canada’s Top Employers for 2023

  20. 2023

    iQmetrix named in Top 50 Global Inspiring Workplaces

Our Leadership

Our iQmetrix leadership team has a proven track record and long-standing relationships in the telecom retail sector and beyond.

  • Scott McGillivray

    Lead (CEO), iQmetrix

  • Stacy Hamer

    Lead (COO), Operations

  • Waleed Ayoub

    Lead (CTO), Product & Technology

  • Aaron Watson

    Lead (CFO), Finance

  • Jason Raymer

    Lead (Senior Vice President), Revenue & Client Experience

Our People

iQmetrix takes great pride in our award-winning, people-first culture. Our success comes from the hundreds of incredible iQers” who bring their talent, passion, and experience to their jobs every single day. Our organization fully embraces a self-management approach, guided by our cultural values, our commitment to giving back, and our desire to be happy and fulfilled while excelling at our work. 

If you would like to learn more about what it means to be an iQer, head over to our Careers page. You can read about what drives iQmetrix employees to do their best work, how we embody our values, and discover positions perfect for your skillset so you can join the fun. 

Our Perspective

One reason iQmetrix is the trusted technology partner to leading brands in telecom is the value we bring through our big-picture perspective. This zoomed-out overview has been gained from more than two decades of experience in bridging the disparate players and systems across the industry. It allows us to guide our clients to make the best technology decisions for their businesses in a long-term, future-proofed strategy. Here’s how it works.

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