Omnichannel Retail Solutions for Telecom

Unify Your In-Store and Online Customer Experience

Omnichannel solutions are now a must-have for telecom retail. They combine online convenience with personalized in-store experiences, meeting customer expectations and enabling seamless buying, pickup, and returns from any channel.

iQmetrix Omnichannel Solutions

Create a unified customer experience

Integrate your retail management and point-of-sale solution with a powerful unified commerce platform for seamless cross-channel shopping to provide consistent experiences to your customers, no matter where they shop, and always meet their expectations.

Increase online and in-store sales

Omnichannel retail solutions enable customers to buy anytime, anywhere, and in their preferred manner, whether it’s in-store, online, or via mobile devices. By removing purchase barriers, customers can shop with ease, resulting in increased sales potential.

iQmetrix Queue Management

Complete your fulfillment strategy

A robust fulfillment solution allows customers to conveniently buy, reserve, ship, and return in a way that is convenient for them. When customers have the flexibility to choose their preferred fulfillment method, it means you’ve achieved true unified commerce.

Reduce physical contact points while improving customer experience

When used correctly, omnichannel retail solutions remove purchase barriers and drive increased sales. Telecom retailers gain a competitive advantage through various omnichannel methods such as virtual queueing and curbside pickup.

We plan to stay on the forefront of emerging trends. We’ve always been an organization that wants to try new things. With iQmetrix, I really think we’re just getting started.

Frank Gumino

Strengthen Your Omnichannel Processes

Remote Pay

Reduce contact points, offset hardware costs, and speed up the transaction by allowing customers to pay for their in-store purchase on their mobile device with remote payment functionality.

BOPIS, ROPIS, and Curbside

Buy or Reserve Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS + ROPIS) and curbside pickup are e-commerce integrations where customers can buy or reserve products or devices online. They then visit your stores to pick up or activate their item, with confidence.

Brand Channel Management

Align your products, naming, pricing, and promotional offers over every branded touchpoint including corporate, authorized, and online channels. Launch new products and promotions across all locations instantly with the push of a button.

Return Anywhere

A seamless brand experience ensures that carrier and authorized retailer stores are indistinguishable to customers. Return Anywhere adds convenience and ease by allowing customers to return items to any branded store.

Ready to deliver a unified customer experience?