Finance & Accounting Software for Telecom Retail

Keep That Cash Flow Flowing

iQmetrix’s Finance and Accounting module streamlines transaction tracking, commission reconciliation, tax management, and employee commissions. It seamlessly integrates with your back-office system, providing a centralized and accurate financial solution.

iQmetrix Finance & Accounting Solutions
iQmetrix Finance & Accounting Solutions

Meticulously keep financial records

iQmetrix’s Finance and Accounting module provides comprehensive reports for accurate financial insights. Get a clear view of carrier commissions, revenue, employee commissions, costs, credits, and more in one convenient overview. 

Eradicate errors by reconciling carrier commissions

iQmetrix’s reconciliation tool automatically detects discrepancies, saving time and preventing errors. Ensure accurate commission and rebate calculations for telecom businesses. 

iQmetrix Tax Management

Handle and account for complex taxes

Simplify tax management for multiple products and locations with iQmetrix’s finance module. Easily set up taxes by product or location using mass edit tools and streamline complex tax processes so you can focus on specific products or locations, or integrate with tax systems.

Export or integrate into other accounting systems

Tailored financial tracking for telecom retailers, integrating seamlessly with your existing ERP or Accounting System. Automated transaction recording, error reduction, and real-time data updates. 


Consistent, Dependable Finances

Carrier Commissions Reconciliation

Save time and money by quickly reconciling carrier commissions through carrier integrations, price sheet setup, and vendor rebates. 

Employee Commissions Reconciliation

Track complex telecom employee commission structures automatically, and make adjustments using our commission ledger entry. 

Tax Setup

Simplify your tax tracking by integrating with external vendors to ensure compliance with different tax rates in various regions, even where vendor taxes are applicable. 

Accounts Receivable

Efficiently manage customer credit accounts with the ability to set credit limits for each account and determine whether a purchase order is required. 

General Ledger

Easily add or delete accounts in your General Ledger and have a comprehensive view of all transactions to balance debits and credits across your company. 


Track expenses and calculate the actual profit generated by your stores. Additionally, compare estimated and actual operating expenses to monitor your bottom line. 

Petty Cash Reconciliation

Track dispersals and replenishment of petty cash while identifying any discrepancies. Authorized employees can add or remove money from the cash drawer as needed. 

Exports and Integrations

Seamlessly record transactions in your external platform through integrations. You can also export financial records from our system in a format compatible with common accounting systems for easy import. 

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