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Interconnected Commerce means all business types have unique problems to solve. Our many-to-many integration platform is ready for anything.

Retail Solutions for Telecom Carriers

Unify Your Customer Experience Across Channels

Increased customer expectations, authorized retail channels, and evolving technologies are just a few hurdles telecom carriers face in a complex market. iQmetrix solves these pain points and more.

Disjointed brand experiences frustrate customers

Customers expect a seamless telecom brand experience across all channels. Fail to provide that experience and you’ll lose customers to your competitors. 

Seamless retail management across your brand

Intelligent retail management software connects your systems across all brand touchpoints to create a seamless customer experience. Regardless of store type, customers receive the same exceptional experience. 

Inventory invisibility hinders retail strategy

If you don’t have tools that give you full inventory visibility and control at all levels, you’re leaving money on the table.

Intelligent inventory and omnichannel solutions

Maximize sales and customer loyalty by optimizing stock levels across all retail channels using a comprehensive inventory management system that seamlessly integrates with omnichannel strategies for enhanced results.

Authorized retail channel adds complexity

Balancing brand consistency and agent autonomy is challenging. Without the right integrations, maintaining disconnected systems undermines retail channel advantages.

Balancing brand control with retail autonomy

Integrate your current solutions, authorized retail, and e-commerce channels into a unified retail management system. Gain brand control and consistency for pricing, promotions, inventory, and more. Ensure that consumers receive the retail experience you want to deliver.

Customer Experience is Everything

Deliver a great experience across all touchpoints with Intelligent retail management software that connects systems and unifies customer experience at corporate or authorized stores, online, and beyond.

Software for Telecom Authorized Retailers

Every Agent Needs a Secret Weapon

Regardless of your role (dealer, agent, or authorized retailer), evolving customer needs require adaptation. iQmetrix offers POS and retail management software with omnichannel capabilities and integration platform for improved efficiency.

Finding efficiencies is a full-time job

Ever wish there were two of you? Without intelligent software, you and your store operators handle minor operational tasks, leaving little time for big-picture focus.

A suite of intelligent retail management software

Solutions like ours take the guesswork out of telecom retail success by effectively and efficiently running point-of-sale transactions, managing inventory, improving sales processes, bolstering financial controls, and much more besides.

Sales associates can’t focus on the customer

Customer expectations are on the rise, and competing on price in the telecom game is a race to the bottom. You can’t create the best customer experience if your store rep is weighed down by onerous processes and swivel-chair transactions.

Create a frictionless customer experience

Real competitive advantage lies with the experience your retail store can offer. RMS software with mobile and omnichannel options let staff serve customers the way those customers want, need, and expect. Smoother processes create space for interaction and personalization.

A spaghetti bowl of multiple systems

Navigating a web of separate systems for activations reconciliations is a nightmare. Not to mention, finding the right data to create a smart retail strategy is at best time-consuming, and at worst impossible.

A streamlined stack of retail software tools

Our software’s integrations untangle the web of current systems. Integrate with your carrier for smooth activations and reconciliation and connect with new systems as they arise. Get easy access to data and business insights in real time.

The Operational Efficiency You Need

Whether you’re an enterprise retailer with many locations, a mid-tier operator with plans to scale, or a small business looking to protect and grow profit, we can help you enhance the customer experience, boost your bottom line, and advance your business. 

RMS and Activations for Multi-Carrier Retail

From Clunky to Clean Customer Experience

National retail brands, OEMs, and third-party operators in the telecom industry face similar obstacles. Dealing with multiple carriers adds to the complexity. To overcome these challenges, a knowledgeable partner with tailored solutions is essential.

Wireless retail and activations aren’t your specialty

Processing transactions, managing inventory, and managing carrier relationships are just some of the important parts of a wireless retail strategy, which is a major challenge when wireless retail is only one part of your business.

Work with an expert telecom-specific provider

You don’t need to split your focus when we already have the knowledge your business needs. Leverage iQmetrix’s industry expertise that specializes in solving the complex flows of wireless retail while maintaining security and compliance for your peace of mind.

Working with multiple carriers is complex

Associates must grasp and stay updated on numerous rate plans, promotions, and carrier-specific activations for customer offerings. This results in high training costs and risk of error. On top of that, you need to reconcile commissions with each carrier to ensure you’re not leaving money on the table.

RMS software designed for multi-carrier models

iQmetrix solutions helps streamline work with out-of-the-box software complete with carrier integrations. Easily access up-to-date rate plans from all carriers and automatically reconcile commission reports. Integrate with our Unified Activation Portal to offer effortless, multi-carrier activations, all through one smooth process.

Retail, business, and technology are ever shifting

Software evaluation and procurement are time-consuming, particularly within national retail or device manufacturer brands with intricate integrations and approvals. Adapting to changing needs and expectations can be even more challenging.

Future-proof your technology stack

Don’t try to be a retail technology provider as well as all the other things you are. By choosing a solution with a full integration platform from a partner that’s forward thinking and innovative, you can future-proof your technology. Avoid unnecessary software updates and adapt quickly to ensure long-term success with iQmetrix.

Solutions for a Unified Experience

A unified, cross-channel experience begins with an intelligent retail management system that streamlines complexity and connects systems across all your brand touchpoints and those of the carriers you’re working with. iQmetrix provides the software, integrations platform, and expertise necessary to help you navigate these unique challenges. 

iQmetrix Retail POS

Easy, Intuitive POS and Retail Management

Our point-of-sale solution is made for telecom. The system’s Activation Wizard and Carrier Integration powers fast, error-free activations while functionality like product recommendations and visible tracking for your staff make RQ both intuitive and user-friendly. 

iQmetrix Carrier Integration

Streamlined Carrier Integrations and Reconciliation

Seamlessly integrate with carriers using iQmetrix. Avoid front-end errors with activation integration, manage rate plans and pricing changes effortlessly, and reconcile with carriers using auto-reconciliation.

iQmetrix Serialized Inventory Management

Advanced Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Get real-time inventory visibility, store-to-store transfers, and the ability to set automatic minimums and maximums, based on customer buying habits. Full integration with vendors means zero-lag purchase orders, replenishment, and fulfillment processes.

iQmetrix Mobile Reporting

Upgraded Data and Analytics for Powerful Decision-Making

Choose from a wide range of reports in the Reporting Module to gain clarity on sales and profits. Easily access and schedule reports to keep all stakeholders informed, whether they’re in-office or remote.

iQmetrix Payments PCI Compliance

Infrastructure, Security, and Compliance

Peace of Mind for You and Your Customers

iQmetrix products are fully hosted software as a service (SaaS) built on micro-services. We have greater than 99% uptime across our entire platform.

We are PCI-DSS and SSAE18 SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and certified.

All data and backups are encrypted during data transmission and stored in secure hosting facilities or in cloud services with zero breaches to our systems.


Omnichannel and Supply Integrations

We go beyond the transactional. By enabling online to in-store unified and omnichannel integrations, your customers can purchase products whenever and wherever they want.

Partner Integrations

Our vast Partner Ecosystem helps streamline your operations and drive revenue growth. Connect existing systems with our best-of-breed partners and ready-to-use integrations.

Carrier Activation

Our Carrier Activation integration seamlessly connects your carrier portal with RQ, automatically syncing data to the POS during transactions. This integration boosts efficiency, enables faster reconciliation, and minimizes fraud risks.

Multi-Carrier Integrations

For retailers with multiple carriers, our direct integrations streamline the connection between the e-commerce site or POS, simplifying carrier activations and eliminating complexities and duplicate data entry.

Systems Integrations

We also understand you may have other solutions that satisfy some of your retail needs. iQmetrix’s core functions integrate to your existing systems so your retail operations have it all.

Enterprise Services

iQmetrix has a dedicated Enterprise Retail Services team that can build custom integrations for any area of your ecosystem, that a third-party can’t match, including custom endpoints, data delivery, and more.

Professional Services

If you’re looking to make essential business functions better – in one area or many – our professional services team can help with consulting, training, hands-on maintenance, customized support, and reporting. Our team acts as an extension of yours in managing areas such as inventory, operations, finance, human resources, and more. We are dedicated to creating great experiences for you and enhancing your success from our products and services.

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