Multi-Channel Management Solution for Telecom Retail

Sell More, Anywhere

Because today’s consumers expect to shop everywhere, telecom retailers need one solution to manage inventory across physical, digital, or hybrid channels. Take control of your inventory with iQmetrix Multi-Channel Inventory Management which enables retailers to list all products on all channels, all from one system. 

Maximize inventory reach across multiple channels 

Sell more, anywhere. Retailers can swiftly and easily tap into new sales channels through seamless API connections. 

Meet customer demand 

Extend your inventory management beyond the store. Gain visibility across all channels to meet demand, efficiently manage stock, and exceed customer expectations. 

Streamline your inventory tech stack 

Control Inventory with a unified hub. Instantly track cross-channel product performance instantly to make informed stocking decisions for your warehouse or channels. 


Multi-Channel Management Features

Check, Reserve, and Buy

Retrieve inventory data to offer nearby product options, enabling reservations for ROPIS or online purchases with in-store pickup (BOPIS).

Product and Content Controls

Gain full control over product details, including pricing and rich media, with the ability to publish and manage promotions instantly. 

Return Anywhere

Boost convenience and eliminate hassle with Return Anywhere, which allows customers to return items to any branded store. 

Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs)

Send inventory packing when it’s not needed, whether it’s a customer return or a pullback – all on your schedule. 

Inventory Transfers

Keep products flowing smoothly between locations. Tracked manual or automated store-to-store transfers ensure none of your stores is out of stock. 

Inventory Forecasting

Supercharge stock management with min/​max, vendor forecasts, and carrier compliance for device and accessory stocks. VMI, data exports, and integrations work together to ensure product availability. 

Supply Chain Integrations

Simplify inventory movement with ship from store, VMI, Dropship, BOPIS/ROPIS, integrated RMS, Brand Channel Management, and Return Anywhere to make supply chains frictionless. 


Elevate operations with tailored reports – off-the-shelf or customized. Set up scheduled reports to keep stakeholders in the know about product health, lifecycles, history, and transactions. 

Ready to sell more, anywhere?