Reconciliation & Commissions Management for Telecom Retail

Maximize Profitability on Every Sale

iQmetrix’s Reconciliation and Commissions Management Software simplifies complex and tedious carrier commission and reconciliation processes with tools tailor-made for telecom businesses, ensuring optimal returns with minimal effort.

iQmetrix Carrier Integrations

Reconcile quickly and confidently 

Reclaim your after-hours time with fewer manual comparisons, accurate employee commissions, and seamless carrier compensation reconciliation. 

Eradicate errors with automated discrepancy discovery 

Save your team hours of work: prevent errors and lost commissions or rebates from the carrier with our telecom-specific reconciliation tool. Use properties to automatically detect discrepancies, ensuring a streamlined process. 

Reduce purposeful fraud and costly mistakes 

Avoid paying unearned commission and reimbursing customers for overcharged rate plans with robust discrepancy discovery. 


Frictionless Telecom Retail Reconciliation and Commissions Software

Automated tools ensure you’re being paid in full. Here’s how they work.

Manage Sales Records

Segment sales data to break down the reconciliation process into manageable parts.

Carrier File Import

Download files from the carrier and import them into your system.

Automated Reconciliation

Automated reconciliation detects and reconciles matching records, allowing you to focus on the ones that have discrepancies.

Discrepancy Research and Management

Automated comparison tools easily remove matching records, enabling you to investigate only the mismatched records.

Manage Chargebacks

Easily reverse vendor rebate records that are either uncollectable or have been reversed by the carrier. Perform adjustments for full chargeback, partial chargeback, or refund to the original location the rebate occurred.

Viva Tracker, a component of the Chrysalis ecosystem of companies, consolidates your back-end retail systems into a user-friendly platform. Telecom retailers can efficiently manage their stores, track real-time performance, and access everything they need under a single sign-on platform. 

Viva Tracker Features

Web-Based Application

No software installation means you and your staff can access Viva Tracker from anywhere.

Employee Commissions

Self-service and customizable advanced commission modules are open and flexible.

Carrier Reconciliation

Enjoy effortless reconciliation for maximum return. Plus, with a dedicated dispute module, all disputes to the carrier are conveniently tracked in one area.

Reporting and Data

Viva Tracker’s powerful reporting tools give you all the data you need, when you need it. Viva Tracker is partnered with ShopperTalk to import consumer data into your reports.

Punch Clock and Scheduling

Advanced scheduling uses data to provide seamless automated scheduling. Plus, facilitate shift swaps and paid time off approvals in this all-in-one module.

Biometric Security

Accurately track and prevent fraudulent punches and access with added fingerprint security.

Ready to maximize profitability on every sale with frictionless Reconciliation and Commissions Management?