Local Inventory Solutions for Telecom

Drive In-Store Sales with the Local Inventory on Google App

Wireless retail is competitive, especially with the rise of same-or-next-day shipping and the expansion of online retail. Through iQmetrix integration with Google, you can easily sync your in-store products to your Business Profile on Google so they can stand out across Google Search, Maps, and the Shopping tab. Enabling this integration means eager shoppers see your product inventory so you can drive in-store sales from online searches.

Increase in-store visits with an online catalog 

Show your in-store product inventory in Google searches to boost customer confidence. Create a unified experience with the convenience of online research combined with the relationship-building that only in-person retail can provide. 

Become every customer’s first choice 

Enabling customers to see your in-store product availability instills confidence that your store has what they need. Your local store will appear over and above big-box retailers in search results, giving your store the visibility it wouldn’t otherwise have. 

Grow your customer base 

Expand your reach and connect with potential customers who might not be aware of your store or its product offerings. An online presence allows you to attract those who research and buy online before coming to your store, securing potential sales. 

Unlock insights: what’s selling and why? 

See which searches are driving in-store traffic to help you ensure stock of in-demand product. 

With us not having an eCommerce website, it allows the customer to still see our the availability of products at the store. Especially in a suburban area, where customers might assume they have to go to a big store, and might not even know we exist, they can find us and know the product they want is in stock.

Nick Chand
Data Analyst, Fraser Valley Wireless, Rogers/​Fido authorized retailer


Drive Sales with a Greater Online Presence

iQmetrix integrates with Google solutions to ensure accurate, real-time changes to your product catalog so you can capture the attention of every shopper searching for product inventory in nearby stores.

In-Store Availability

Products listed in RQ are automatically added to your Business Profile on Google. Shoppers searching nearby on Google for a product you offer can easily see items you have in stock, complete with product details and pricing, making pre-purchase product research a breeze. 

Free Listings on Google Platforms

When you enable the Local Inventory on Google app, your products are automatically added to your Business Profile on Google and can appear in Google searches free of charge across Search, Maps, and the Shopping tab.

Performance Insights

Within your Google Business Profile, you can get insights on how people interact with your business on Google. In Business Profile performance report, you can see interactions such as search queries that people used to find your store, the number of users who visited your profile, the number of requests for directions, calls, and more.

Easy Installation, Maintenance, and Use

Getting started is simple. Install Google’s Local Inventory app and all relevant product info will be automatically pulled from the product barcodes in RQ and synced to your Google Business Profile — no manual data entry needed.

Local Inventory Ads

Entice new and keep existing customers with targeted local inventory ads, featuring detailed product info and images. Once your products have been added to your Business Profile through Google’s Local Inventory app, you can start running targeted local inventory ads featuring detailed product info & images. Receive a $100 ad credit to use on for your local inventory ads when you spend $50.


  • How much does Google’s Local Inventory app cost?

    Google’s Local Inventory solution is free for all iQmetrix clients. That means your wireless retail store can show the availability of your device and accessory product catalog on your Google Business Profile for no additional cost.

  • How do products from RQ show up on Google?

    When you use the Local Inventory solution, RQ integrates with Google Business Profile, so that products that are in stock in your telecom retail store will automatically be uploaded onto your Google Business Profile.

  • How often is Local Inventory product information updated?

    Your Google Business Profile is synced and updated with RQ hourly, so that nearby wireless retail customers searching for a product near them will always have up-to-date information.

  • Can I disable certain products from being shown in my Google Business Profile?

    Yes, you can. Local Inventory on Google is the tool that pushes RQ product information to your Google Business Profile. Google has a dashboard that you can use to access details for and disable products that you may not want to be shown.

  • Do the prices of products have to be shown in my Google Business Profile?

    Yes. Prices for products on your Google Business Profile must have a price shown. This cannot be removed or disabled.

  • For the mobile devices sold in RQ, what price will show up in my Google Business Profile?

    The price of the mobile device in that particular retail location will show up on the Google Business Profile.

  • Can customers see product availability on my Google Business Profile?

    The exact number of in-stock units of a product is not shown. However, a stock status prediction will be included which shows that a product either is or isn’t in stock at your wireless retail location.

  • What’s next for Local Inventory on Google? Will there be more features?

    iQmetrix is developing premium eCommerce enhancements, which will enable your business to offer flexible buying options to your customers and drive new business to your stores. These enhancements will be optional and will have a per-transaction cost.

Are you ready to drive in-store sales from your online presence?