Retail Management CRM Software for Telecom Retail

A Complete View of Your Telecom Customers

Streamline your data management with iQmetrix’s Customer Relationship Management software. Seamlessly collect, analyze, merge, and integrate information. Enhance customer expectations and personalize interactions with ease. Build unbeatable loyalty with a powerful CRM solution. 

iQmetrix CRM

Deliver personalized experiences with centralized customer data

Build strong customer relationships through effective data management. Centralized storage of customer profiles empowers personalized experiences with great service across all brand touchpoints.

Build customer loyalty with reward programs

Used advanced Customer Relationship Management software to elevate your service and keep customers returning. Incentivize repeat shoppers with customized loyalty programs that offer diverse rewards, complement outstanding service, and reward customer loyalty.

iQmetrix CRM Campaign

Engaging campaigns put your brand at the forefront

Stay on your customers’ radar with affordable targeted marketing. Use email, direct mail, and phone strategies with data-driven reporting and keep customers informed with impactful campaigns that effectively convey the value of your offering.

Integrations to maximize customers

We work with best-in-class partners to develop custom integrations that fit your business needs. Whether out-of-the-box or a custom integrations, our solutions are here to ensure accurate information across all stores through seamless communication between authorized retailers and carriers.


Keep CRM Solutions Connected for an Elevated Experience

Customer Types

Set up company and customer profiles, view and track company accounts, and link customers to companies — all in one view.

Customer History

Know your customer in one click. View records on activations, repairs, emails received, invoices upsell opportunities, refunds, and more.

Customer Preferences

Set up customer-specific preferences including accounts receivable, contract type, and whether they accept checks.


An affinity program gives customers points or serialized coupons for their loyal business and, in return, you provide tiered rewards.


Be the customer’s first choice with cost-effective, targeted marketing. Stay connected and effortlessly follow up using actionable lists. 

Customer Reporting

Better serve customer needs by using comprehensive reports to analyze preferences, history, and trends.

Partner Integrations

Our marketing partners have all you need to take your business to the next level by implementing strategies that enhance your offerings.

API Integrations

Easily incorporate carrier data into retailer systems to simplify the selling process. We support both turnkey and custom integrations, allowing seamless connectivity to external CRM systems.

Are you ready for a complete view of your customers?