RMS Data & Analytics Software for Telecom Retail

Flexible Data is Crucial to Your Retail Business

When the right data is ready for analysis, your business can optimize every area for peak performance. iQmetrix enables telecom retailers to examine insights with a world-class retail data reporting solution, built on a robust cloud-based architecture.

iQmetrix Telecom Retail Solutions
iQmetrix Data & Analytics

Drive Decision Making Across Your Entire Retail Environment

Seeing your business as a whole, means you have a stronghold on the retail environment. By keeping the experience in view, your stores can maximize efficiencies, reduce costs, optimize stock, forecast demand, manage customers, track employee performance, or whatever retail data matters to you.

Out-of-the-Box and Flexible for Your Unique Needs

While there are hundreds of retail data reports and dashboards available out of the box, each telecom retailer has unique needs. Our Data and Analytics solution can be tailored to make sense to your team. Edit, save, and create reports in our Business Intelligence tool, or use data feeds and data lakes to integrate to your own platform.

iQmetrix Mobile Reporting

Real-Time Accuracy Meets Speed and Agility

In order to respond quickly and support the areas that need your attention, your team needs accurate data in real-time. With iQmetrix, you can access years’ worth of retail data instantly, when and where you need it. At this level of speed, your business will improve at a faster pace.

Permission-Based Reporting for All Employee Skill Levels

Information may be power, but not all employees have the same analytical skills. Real-time, permission-based updates can be tailored to an employee’s level of understanding so they can get the information they need to drive performance without being caught up in the details. More technical staff can use this module to pull retail data into other systems for complete analysis. 


Robust Retail Data Analysis Software for Telecom

Reports and Dashboards

Access hundreds of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards from all areas including sales performance, cash flow and tracking, inventory management, employees, commissions, finances, and more.

Customizable Structure

While a massive number of reports are available, you can still filter, sort, and edit reports and save the commonly used as a favorite. Go a step further and customize reports with our Business Intelligence tool.

Schedule and Share Reports

By sharing reports and scheduling them to run on a recurring basis, you keep data top of mind with your team to ensure they can take quick, effective actions.

Dashboards and Visualizations

Customizable dashboards let you easily visualize the data and be informed without having to sort through spreadsheets so you can focus on bottom-line impact.

Access Data Everywhere

You may not always be in-store, but you always need access. With multiple channels for viewing data, you can gather insights wherever you are and pass along learnings to those who would benefit most.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Beyond our standard reporting, BI provides in-depth data sets for custom reports. Quickly analyze patterns and trends, answer critical questions, and gain valuable insight to make well-informed decisions.

Cloud-Hosted Infrastructure

Current data is provided in a fast and flexible way. Its near-instant delivery sets your business up for the future of telecom retail wherever it may lead including predictive analytics, AI, and more.

Data Share Technologies

Through APIs and data feeds, you can receive structured data from your point-of-sale and retail management system in a way that would support your staff in creating a great customer experience.

Aggregated Data Lakes

Our solutions are connected to the cloud through Databricks. This unified platform, built on a lakehouse architecture, provides configurable aggregates of data — all in one place. 

Are you ready to analyze your telecom retail data your way?