Brand Management Solution for Telecom Retail

Unify Brand Experience Across Channels

Because today’s consumers shop on multiple channels, both old and new, telecom brands must ensure a consistent experience to avoid poor customer experiences, damage to their reputation, and revenue loss.

iQmetrix Brand Management empowers brands to effortlessly align their products, names, prices, and promotions across all branded touchpoints, including corporate, authorized, and online channels.

Seamless customer experience across all channels

Ensure consistent customer experience across all channels by offering customers the same product, price, and promotion. Unifying the experience across channels that sell your products or represent your brand enhances brand stickiness and fosters greater customer loyalty. 

Maximized brand control

Control the elements you care about — such as product, price, and promotion — and not the things you don’t, all within a single system. This control empowers faster market responsiveness and enhanced promotional agility. Ease the load on authorized retailers while preserving their flexibility and business independence. 

iQmetrix Serialized Inventory Management

Provide customers with every purchasing path

iQmetrix Brand Management empowers brands to captivate consumers across the entire online-to-in-store buying journey, even in previously inaccessible channels. This means meeting consumers on their preferred purchase terms, be it swift online shipping, same-day delivery, buy online, pick up in-store, or traditional in-store shopping.

Deep visibility into channels representing the brand

Telecom brands gain real-time sales insights, eliminating reliance on various, potentially unreliable retail sources. Access inventory and sell-through data seamlessly across your independent retail channels.


Consistent Brand Experiences

Product & Content Controls

Empowers brands with control over details including pricing, rich media, and the ability to publish and control promotions instantaneously. 

Return Anywhere

Return Anywhere adds convenience and ease by allowing customers to return items to any branded store, in any location, whether corporate- or authorized retailer-operated. 

Actionable Insights

Offers previously inaccessible insights, such as sell-through data, into consumer shopping behaviors within their retailer ecosystem. 

Ready to deliver consistent brand experiences in wireless retail?