Carrier Connect Activation Platform

Take the Aggravation Out of Activation

Lengthy transaction times drive customers to seek device purchase and activation elsewhere, while clunky existing systems hinder store agents and prevent improving customer experience.

iQmetrix’s Unified Activation Portal, Carrier Connect, streamlines the process, delivering a fast, intuitive, stress-free activation experience that fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Effortless experiences

Carrier Connect eliminates swivel-chair and multiple data-entry processes, which:

Reduce typical activation times to 10 minutes
Create space for better customer engagement
Increase brand loyalty and retention
Boost employee efficiency and productivity
Slash typical staff training to competency
iQmetrix Carrier Activation

Streamlined activations

Carrier Connect stays up to date with carrier offerings, allowing store associates to take customers through all their options, including:

  • financing
  • rate plans
  • device protection

Easier implementation

Carrier Connect offers direct and maintenance-free connection to all Tier-1 US carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T):

  • A single set of consolidated APIs integrated to Tier-1 US carriers
  • A self-guided, easy-to-implement user interface that is consistent, reliable, and highly secure
  • Caters for self-serve or assisted channels alike to enable omnichannel experiences
  • Enterprise-grade technology designed for wireless buy-flows
iQmetrix Carrier Integrations

Connect once, connect with all

Carrier Connect offers a one-time integration solution that benefits retailers and carriers alike.

Retailers currently activating with one or two of the carriers integrated into Carrier Connect — or not activating at all — can start activating devices on all three. Furthermore, when a new carrier joins, their offerings become accessible to the retailer and their customers. No more costly, time-consuming individual integration projects for each new carrier — just convenience and speed to market.

On the flip side, as new multi-carrier retailers join the Carrier Connect ecosystem, any onboarded carrier immediately benefits from integration with that retailer.

It’s a many-to-many integration hub that creates a synergistic ecosystem, benefitting users more and more as it evolves and expands.

Carrier Connect for Your Specific Needs

The Carrier Connect portfolio has a suite of product offerings based on the wide-ranging technology needs of multi-carrier retailers and device manufacturers.


Consume lightweight multi-carrier activation API library via point-of-sale or online channel

Embedded User Interface

Embed multi-carrier activation UI experience via web-based POS or online channel

Standalone B2B Portal

Standalone, mobile, full-service multi-carrier activations portal

Start redefining your customer and agents’ activation experiences with Carrier Connect