Warehouse Management Solution for Telecom Retail

Fulfill Products Without Friction

iQmetrix Warehouse Management is your all-in-one solution for seamless inventory and warehouse control. It provides telecom retailers with a comprehensive, real-time view of inventory across all channels, ensuring products reach customers promptly and precisely. 

Efficient multi-channel fulfillment 

Streamline telecom retail warehouse operations with automated processing of purchase orders, store-to-store transfers, return merchandise agreements, and shipping notices. Accelerate inventory delivery to your wireless retail stores, reducing missed orders and shipping problems. 

Meet consumer demand 

Access real-time inventory data for smarter store stocking. Monitor product performance across various wireless retail channels and locations, giving you the insight to meet customer demand in-store or from your warehouse. Ship directly from your warehouse for consistent branding. 

Unified inventory and warehouse management tech stack 

Say goodbye to juggling inventory across multiple disparate systems. Our single management system syncs inventory data across all wireless retail channels, making it a breeze to manage. 


Warehouse Management Features

Inventory Visibility

See real-time stock levels with company-wide visibility and empower inventory managers to make forecasts. 

Serialized Inventory

Track device product costs and lifecycles to eliminate errors and deter fraud and theft. 

Inventory Catalog

Instantly manage product inventory across multiple locations to add, remove, update, and categorize with ease. Track everything from sellable to damaged items and trade-ins. 

Inventory Counts

Stay in control of your product cycle and perform category-based physical counts. Adjustments are a breeze, whether it’s blind counts, balanced counts, or addressing discrepancies, all from your desktop or mobile app. 

Ordering & Purchasing

Handle manual, automated, and serialized orders all within one powerful module. Easily adjust, receive notifications, and reconcile costs and purchase orders from this centralized hub. 

Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs)

Effortlessly schedule inventory returns, either customer returns or pullbacks, when it’s no longer needed. 

Inventory Transfers

Keep product flow balanced between locations. Our tracked manual or automated store-to-store transfers guarantee no wireless retail store runs out of stock. 

Inventory Forecasting

Maximize stock efficiency with min/​max and vendor forecasts while meeting carrier requirements for device and accessory stock levels. Our seamless blend of VMI, data exports, and integrations guarantees product availability. 

Supply Chain Integrations

Simplify inventory movement with ship from store, VMI, Dropship, BOPIS/ROPIS, integrated RMS, Brand Channel Management, and Return Anywhere to eliminate supply-chain friction. 


Supercharge your telecom retail operations with customizable reports, whether pre-built or tailored. Keep stakeholders in the loop with scheduled updates on product health, history, and transactions.

Ready to fulfill more efficiently?