Device Activation Journey Solution for Telecom

Reimagine Activations Beyond the Store

Wireless activation technology has long been failing to deliver on customer expectations for e-commerce shopping.

Carrier Connect is a game-changing solution that enables full-service e-commerce activation journeys that are customizable to the brand’s desired experience, optimized for the customer, and integrated across digital and physical channels. 

Wireless device activations beyond in-store 

Enable full-service activations on untapped sales channels including e-commerce, door-to-door, on-site, and more – boosting revenue and meeting customers where they are. 

Never compromise on your brand experience 

Activation journeys are customized to your brand’s desired experience. Further enrich activation journeys with custom integrations for promotions, warranty, trade-in, accessories, and more.

Integrated systems mean seamless unified commerce 

Champion unified commerce with journeys that are integrated across digital, physical, and hybrid sales channels whether the customer is shopping online, in-store, or via door-to-door retail, pop-up outlets, and more. 

Faster device activations than ever before

Deliver best-in-class activation journeys utilizing modern technology, simplified customer touchpoints, and an intuitive system design that reduces transaction times to an average of 10 minutes.

Enhance B2B sales channels

Leverage activation journeys to scale B2B activations and other services to your business customers anytime, anywhere, across all channels. 


Elevate Your Device Activation Journey

E-Commerce Enablement

Create seamless activation journeys on your e-commerce channels. 

Omnichannel Integration

Customers can seamlessly pause and resume their journey across digital, physical, and hybrid channels. 

Full-Service Activations

Full-service activations that offer all the latest requirements to activate a device including rate plans, add-ons, trade-in, warranty, and more. 

Best-in-Class Journeys

Unsurpassed retail journeys that you control at every stage, and are optimized for your customer.

Custom Journeys

Let us create a customized retail journey tailored to the precise brand experience you’re looking for.

Advanced Integrations

Custom integrations to plug in all desired touchpoints into your systems, such as promotion engine, warranty, trade-in, inventory management, and more.

Ready to reimagine wireless activation journeys?