Retail Management Software Solutions for Telecom

The Muscle Behind Your Core Needs

Intelligent retail management is crucial in telecom. An underperforming system hampers operations, supply chain, and integrations. iQmetrix RMS empowers your business to boost operational efficiency with inventory, data, analytics, omnichannel, and much more. 

Increase operational efficiencies

Streamline multi-store management with efficient inventory management, staff scheduling, employee tracking, and financial tasks to empower operations. 

Unify systems to form a centralized operational hub

Consolidate inventory, reporting, and point of sale into one out-of-the-box solution to improve software compatibility and access essential business information effortlessly. 

iQmetrix Telecom Retail Solutions

Bridge the gap between in-store and online

Easily integrate your retail system with digital touchpoints for a frictionless unified customer experience across channels, simplifying their path to purchase and making movement across channels seamless. 

Improve security to protect against theft and fraud

Ensure security by managing employee permissions and roles in the iQmetrix Retail Management System, giving your team the necessary access while safeguarding against theft and fraud.

The most robust solution contained in one package.

JT Thome
COO, Cellular Sales


Robust Retail Management

iQmetrix Inventory Management & Supply Chain
Inventory Management & Supply Chain

Whether you’re looking for a full system overhaul or added integration, your business deserves robust inventory and supply chain management that can accurately count, forecast, serialize, and integrate with next-level solutions like BOPIS, ROPIS, curbside pickup, and more.

iQmetrix Reporting, Data & Analytics
Reporting, Data & Analytics

Harness the power of data for informed business decisions with an extensive reporting ecosystem that provides valuable insights to drive revenue growth. This iQmetrix module offers on-premise, cloud, and mobile reporting, along with Business Intelligence tools and data streams.

iQmetrix Employee Management
Employee Management

Boost profitability by prioritizing employee satisfaction. Use this module, which seamlessly integrates with your system or third-party applications, to easily create and manage employee groups, security roles, commissions, time and attendance, scheduling, punch clocks, reporting, and more.

iQmetrix CRM
Customer Relationship & Data Management

Create a comprehensive consumer profile by gathering data from every transaction. Gain valuable insights into purchase history and future trends, enabling better customer support throughout the buying process. This actionable data is accessible across your organization and can be integrated into your CRM.

iQmetrix Finance Management
Finance & Accounting

Maintain accurate record of deposits, purchases, credits, and RMAs while being able to auto-reconcile vendor and carrier commissions. This module easily integrates with existing finance and accounting solutions to ensure that all information is readily available in one centralized location when you need it most.

Add Value to Your Retail Management Solution

As iQmetrix’s flagship solution, this industry-leading Retail Management System (RMS) seamlessly integrates with your current point of sale to empower your business with the tools it needs to efficiently manage back-of-house operations.

Point of Sale

Empower employees with comprehensive POS features like discounts, promotions, suggestive selling, regional taxes, and more. You can also enhance security with cash-management access control and reporting. 


Our RMS enables omnichannel experiences with real-time sales and inventory visibility, ensuring consistency across channels. Key features include curated wireless catalog, product availability tracking, and personalized customer experience.


System connectors unify data across channels and locations. iQmetrix integrate solutions, streamline operations, enhance accuracy so your business can reduce dual entry, minimize mistakes, and improve efficiency. 

We have a better sense of not only where our inventory is, but also the velocity of sell-through.

JT Thome
COO, Celular Sales

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