Wireless Retail POS Sales Management Software

Effective Management Spurs Sales Success

Telecom retail is complicated, but the customer experience shouldn’t be. iQmetrix provides effective management of wireless sales enablement, activities, and flows to simplify the shopping experience. This empowers cellular retail sales associates to meet their goals as well as the rising expectations of your customers.

iQmetrix Sales Management
iQmetrix Sales Integrations

Customizable telecom retail service without the hassle

Creating customizable wireless sales experiences requires logging details and tracking jobs from start to finish. However, how can you be sure the right details are being captured when associates already have so much to do? Our Sales Management module has easy-to-follow flows that won’t interrupt your associate’s process but will make sure every customer feels cared for.

Powerful integrations for total sales enablement

Empowering wireless retail sales staff to exceed expectations can expand their capabilities and enhance the customer-retailer relationship. With add-on services like Dropship, cellphone store sales associates have valuable information readily available, enabling them to consistently give customers precisely what they need.

iQmetrix Integrated RMS

Wireless POS-powered complementary offerings

Mid-transaction is perfect time to upsell. Whether the customer is buying a new device, rate plan, or accessory, there’s always an opportunity to enhance their post-purchase experience. Suggestive Selling provides valuable recommendations so your telecom store associates can upsell with confidence.

Mobile-first telecom retail management

Manage store flows from anywhere to consistently meet customer expectations. Leverage mobile technologies to enhance cross-channel experiences and meet the expectations of today’s wireless retail customers. 


More Sales Optimization

Product Controls

When it comes to prices, promotions, and coupons, changes happen fast. Easily roll-out updates across locations in real time.

Remote Management

For those times you can’t be in-store, remote access to the sales module means you can check in when needed, from anywhere.

Meaningful Views for Every Employee

Empower your staff with the right data for optimal performance. Role-based dashboards ensure that everyone, from associates to managers, has access to the information they need.

Motivation and Engagement

Support your staff to bring out their best performance. Easily manage commissions, milestones, and rewards through conveniently accessible home screen widgets.

Discounts and Overrides

Set up automatic criteria-based discounts with no code needed. You can also efficiently manage overrides, floor pricing, and advanced settings to support staff.

Integrated Payment Solutions

Automate check-out flow and easily reconcile with payment solutions, using integrations that plug into the entire iQmetrix ecosystem.

Are you ready to effectively manage sales and cash?