Product Catalog Solution for Telecom Retail

Unify Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Handling inventory across multiple systems is complex and hinders telecom retailers from implementing a multi-channel approach. A unified inventory catalog is crucial for enabling multi-channel commerce. iQmetrix Product Catalog, powered by comprehensive wireless inventory details, helps retailers maintain a central inventory source for consistent physical, digital, or hybrid commerce.

Unlock multi-channel commerce

Ditch the hassle of synchronizing multiple systems and ensuring accurate inventory data for integrations. Unify and maintain consistent product details, pricing, promotions, and availability across all channels — digital, physical, or hybrid — by seamlessly sharing inventory data.

Consistent experience with your brand

Wherever your customers shop, ensure a consistent brand experience. Swiftly launch products, pricing, and promotions across all digital, physical, and hybrid channels.

Unified inventory management 

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling inventory across multiple systems by managing your product management from a single central hub. Effortlessly add, remove, update, and categorize product inventory across various locations with near-instant precision.

I love that we can see all the company’s inventory in one spot.

Missy Lesniewski


Product Catalog Features

Product & Content Controls

Empowers telecom brands with complete control over product particulars, encompassing pricing, rich media, and the instant publication and management of promotions.

Product Library

The product library provides retailers with a central hub of content from a variety of sources, including manufacturers, distributors, and other suppliers, allowing them to build their inventory catalog with structured, consistent product data.

Serialized Inventory

Serialized inventory enables the precise identification and tracking of individual inventory units.

Inventory Details

Capture details on product, price, rich media, and more all using industry-standard content.

Inventory Availability

Real-time stock updates across all locations.

Endless Aisle & Dropship

Use Product Catalog to expand your product offerings beyond your in-store capacity, creating an endless aisle” for your customers. Leverage Dropship integration to ship products directly from the vendor to your customer.

Ready to unify multi-channel inventory management?