BOPIS Retail Solutions for Telecom

Meet Customers Where They Are

Customers often begin their shopping online and want to collect their order in-store to avoid waiting for delivery. Buy Online, Pick-Up In-Store (BOPIS) provides a seamless retail experience, allowing customers to enjoy a unified brand experience across various touchpoints.

iQmetrix Omnichannel Solutions

Boost sales online and in-store

Boost sales through your brand’s e-commerce channel, gain new customers, and create activation and upsell opportunities when the customer picks up their order. It’s a win-win!

Deliver frictionless customer journeys

Staying competitive in telecom retail requires meeting customers where they are. Whether they prefer online or in-store shopping, their experience should be seamless. With BOPIS, customers can conveniently pick up their orders right away instead of waiting for shipment, at a location that suits them best.

Unify brand experiences across channels

Whether customers are picking up their product from a corporate carrier or authorized retailer store, they get the same brand experience as they did when ordering from brand’s website.

Telecom retailers see success with BOPIS

One Tier 1 U.S. telecom carrier saw sales through iQmetrix’s BOPIS solutions increase by a massive 400% year over year. Read about how this globally recognized brand implemented BOPIS across their store network, creating a win-win-win for the brand, its authorized retailers, and its customers. 

Explore the potential benefits of implementing buy online, pick up in-store for your telecom retail operations with our interactive value-assessment tool.

BOPIS Features

An End-to-End Buying Experience

Buy Online Pick Up In-Store enables an end-to-end omnichannel experience for a start-to-finish customer journey, no matter what retail channel they use.

Show Inventory Availability

Customers can enter their zip code to see up-to-date inventory availability across all the authorized retailer and corporate stores.

Reserve or Pay Online

With payment integrations, customers can conveniently complete their purchase online or choose to reserve the item and pay for it in-store.

Brand Controls

The customer experiences a consistent brand journey that can be controlled at every touchpoint, including the e-commerce website, notifications, and inventory availability, ensuring a seamless and unified brand experience.

Integrated Notifications

All stakeholders and touchpoints are updated through integrated notifications to the customer, the carrier, and the retailer.

Powered by iQmetrix’s POS and RMS System

All touchpoints along the customer’s journey are powered by RQ, iQmetrix’s point of sale and retail management system for telecom retail. RQ handles the purchase order, inventory holds, reconciliation, rebates, commissions and fees.

Curbside Pick-Up

Customers who prefer fast and contactless pick-up can select curbside pick-up. This allows them to retrieve their item quickly without the need to interact with anyone at the store.

Want to start meeting customers where they are?