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Upduo is a peer-to-peer coaching platform designed to help companies deliver engaging 1:1 peer-coaching sessions that drive measurable business outcomes. 

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About Upduo

Upduo is a peer-to-peer training company that applies best practices in learning and coaching to bring effective learning and coaching to organizations. Through a simple-to-use, mobile-first platform, wireless retail staff can practice sales skills and increase mastery through one-on-one, scalable coaching sessions.

Upduo was founded in April 2020 by a team of educators and Silicon Valley engineers committed to building a simple, flexible, and effective solution for all companies and their teams. Its founders, Ben Chang (CEO), Mike Mendelson (CLO), and Wei Sun (CTO) believe that a great education is one of the most influential things you can give to someone. Since launch, Upduo has worked with some of the leading companies in the world—including Motorola, Amazon, and McKinsey—to make best-in-class education available to all. 


iQmetrix Partner webinar with Upduo
Corporate Learning in 2022: How to use data to accelerate growth for your company and teams

We’ve known the importance of employee engagement to retain teams and ensure they’re prepared to successfully do their roles. Since 2020, employee expectations have only increased. Upduo has worked with some of the largest organizations and most known brands in the world to grow and develop their teams. In this webinar, we’ll share how you can unlock your organization’s performance data to accelerate learning and development for your teams.

Upduo Solutions

Upduo Platform

Upduo is the only behavioral training platform built for sales organizations to track their team’s skill levels, deploy new sales ideas, and hold team members accountable. Users of the Upduo platform experience increased profits, faster onboarding times, and improved employee retention. Upduo connects peers and leadership to have guided one-to-one video conversations designed to boost confidence, practice new concepts, and ask questions. Learners who are taught using one-to-one mastery learning methods perform 98% better than learners in a conventional learning environment. Upduo’s mobile platform is designed to connect employees so that they can learn from one another and drive measurable business outcomes.  


Through Upduo, our best sellers teach their peers. This has proven to be more impactful than asking them to watch videos or take quizzes. It also makes our company culture stronger and makes our big company feel small.
Akbar Mohamed
President at Prime Communications
With Upduo, we are able to train employees throughout the company and on a national basis within a few days. We love utilizing the 5-10 minute training sessions, with the employees training each other. We are able to teach on multiple benefits of our products and measure comprehension along the way. In the past, it would take weeks or months of on-site events to reach the amount of mind share and knowledge people get by utilizing Upduo.
Howie Adams
Head of Regional Sales at Motorola


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