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HYLA™ Mobile is a leading global provider of carrier-grade wireless device trade-in solutions. Founded in 2009 to address the growing issue of e-waste created by the accelerated pace of new phones being introduced into the marketplace, HYLA provides a scalable model to extend the life and optimize the value of idle mobile phones. Partnering with a network of global wireless carriers, dealers, and retailers, HYLA Mobile provides an integrated solution that offers instant, in-store credit that consumers can use to purchase a new device, accessories, or other services.

HYLA's approach is simple: determine the value of used wireless devices, reward consumers for trading in their no longer used phones, process each and every phone to ensure all previous and personal data is removed, and offer global secondary market access to affordable, high-quality, advanced mobile technology for consumers who would not otherwise have access.

HYLA operates in three countries and across a network of more than 7,000 retail locations.


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By extending the life cycle of idle wireless technology, HYLA is transforming the wireless device ecosystem through a TRADE, CONNECT, EXPLORE approach that not only helps protect the environment but delivers economic benefit to all that participate.

HYLA's end-to-end solution delivers:

  • An easy, transparent solution for dealers to reward customers at the point of sale for trading in their used device – a key component of closing additional sales with instant incentives and creating a positive customer experience to improve loyalty.

  • Leading-edge technology that enables high volume, low cost collection, and removes obstacles from the trade-in process.

  • An easy to use omnichannel platform supporting online, mobile, and POS integrations that optimizes the trade-in experience while removing subjectivity from the process, providing superior fraud control and reporting.

  • Customizable mobile device diagnostics solution minimizes post processing adjustment exposure.

  • Superior analytics platform providing the industry’s most complete mobile device trade-in insights and risk management assessment.

  • Hardware based diagnostics module designed to increase sales team productivity and allow them to focus on exceeding customer expectations and growing revenue.

  • The opportunity to be an environmental steward by participating in the mobile device reuse ecosystem.

HYLA trade-in programs are the first step in extending the life cycle of mobile devices. Not only do trade-in programs help to protect the environment, they also serve as the ideal catalyst to boost the bottom line for carriers and consumers alike. Processing more than 2.5 million trades in North American dealer channels last year alone, HYLA is a proven, reliable partner you can trust. 

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