SimpleTexting is a text messaging platform that helps you drive more sales and meet customers’ needs faster. Since 2010, we’ve empowered retail businesses like yours to send mass text messages and have one-on-one conversations with customers, all from one dashboard. Plus, you can integrate our platform with nearly every tool and application your business can’t operate without.

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How to Drive More Sales and Save Time with Automated SMS Workflows


SimpleTexting’s all-in-one platform for mass texting and 1-1 conversations helps you generate more sales and keep customers coming back.

You don’t need a fancy degree to get visible results with text message marketing. You need a user-friendly platform that connects with the tools you can’t operate your retail business without.

Try SimpleTexting’s free 14-day trial now to send your first text and explore the platform.

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Text customers before or after their purchase to help close the sale and encourage future purchases. We’ll help you follow up with them using sales data, such as location, product, promotion, employee, vendor, payment type, and more.


Send personalized text messages to customers when their dropship order is created, shipped, or cancelled. You can also integrate information like tracking numbers so the customer can see their shipment’s progress.

In-Store Pickup

Configure SimpleTexting to text customers when their order is ready for local pickup.


If you have a product that’s available for pre-order, you can set up an automated text to let customers know when the item is in stock.



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Try SimpleTexting’s free 14-day trial now to send your first text and explore the platform.