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Arcade is a workplace employee engagement and motivation tool that boost productivity for wireless retailers. Gamified incentives are tailored to the motivational needs of different levels of employees and with a platform that easily integrates with iQmetrix, you’ll have insights from all the programs you use to select activities that help move your business forward.


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Arcade helps you build teams that are highly productive and engaged. Every day retailers rely on Arcade to boost the motivation, performance, and retention of their workforce. Through streamlined communication, employee recognition, and gamified incentives, Arcade strategically focuses employees towards behaviors that move the needle for their team, their store, and their organization.

Arcade’s mission is to build products that build people by transforming the way companies relate, motivate, and engage their workforce. Arcade knows that when a workplace enables people to tap into their intrinsic motivations, those employees are happier, perform better, and positively impact productivity, innovation, and profitability for the business at large. And easily integrated with iQmetrix solutions, Arcade is a simply solution to motivating employees of every level.

Launched in 2016, Arcade is used daily by thousands of associates around the globe. The Arcade team is based in Dallas, Texas with an engineering office in Melbourne, Australia.


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Arcade Solutions

Calculate your ROI from Arcade's employee engagement solution

Calculate your ROI from Arcade’s employee engagement solution

Streamlined Communication -Improve communication across teams and locations -Create an unbeatable company culture -keep everyone updated and focused on the right goals
Recognition & Community -Peer-to-peer recognition that improves company culture =Lower incentive costs with non-monetary incentives -Enrich employee performance reviews with deep insights

Enable effective communication between stores with instant messaging.

Arcade’s chat and newsfeed lets your team create individual and group channels that enable you to coordinate communications between stores in a safe, secure, and scalable way.

  • Manage team chats automatically with RQ integration
  • Make announcements that notify everyone
  • Unlimited sharing of files, videos, and images
Exciting Rewards- Instant gratification with real-time reward delivery -Chance based prized that increase engagement -Choice of 1000s of prizes including cashcards
Gamified Incentives -Increase accessory sales and in-store conversion -Create healthy competition across all locations -Incentivize mid-performers to improve

Gamified sales incentives that move the needle.

Arcade’s proprietary sales games connect to your RQ sales feed to help strategically focus your employees on the actions, behaviors, and key results that move the needle for your business.

  • Live sales contest updates directly from your RQ system
  • Multiple game modes that keep the competitions fresh and fun
  • Digital gifted rewards that are instantly delivered to your employees