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ReBiz helps your business shine with revolutionary technology unique to the business analytics industry. We have products that allow you to manage every aspect of your business, increase your sales, conversions, and customer retention. Our platforms are currently operating in thousands of stores and will give you a competitive edge over your competition.

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Datacam is the only patented software that uses camera vision technology to analyze and optimize your three greatest assets: your customers, your store, and your employees. This technology revolutionizes the business analytics industry because Datacam isn’t just a monitoring software; it’s a management tool. Through Datacam, you’re able to see the most accurate traffic counts and the breakdown of employee-level conversions. This solution is also completely customizable. We work with you to build software that fits the needs of your business. From monitoring and analyzing your traffic to evaluating the performance of your employees, no other data solutions company provides a product as accurate and as informative as Datacam.


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Rebiz Solutions

Data Analytics — ReBiz’s proprietary software provides in-depth analytics through customizable monitoring. With ReBiz you will be able to see the most accurate store traffic reporting in the industry. Store and employee-level conversion reporting, as well as scheduling adviser tools, help to make sure your stores are staffed according to your business’s needs.

  • True Traffic
  • Unattended Customers
  • Wait Time
  • Average Customer Interaction Time
  • Employee Idle Hours
  • Employee-Level Traffic
  • Employee-Level Conversion
  • Employee time log/​evaluations/​analysis
  • Scheduling Advisor
  • Store Idle Hours
  • Store Empty
  • Customizable
  • Store Opening and closing times
  • Loss Prevention