Are your store's reviews negatively impacting your brand reputation? TracPoint introduces REVV by Rallio, an innovative post sale survey and online reviews generator built for retailers to take control. Connect with us to increase your positive social media reviews, reduce and prevent negative reviews, assess employee performance, and improve your overall brand reputation.

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About TracPoint

TracPoint provides innovative marketing programs and services for multi location retailers. We work with thousands of wireless retailers across the US and Canada, and are a Verizon & Sprint approved vendor partner. Our services include a best in class social media management and content platform; a digital promotions designer tool with serialized trackable offers & advanced analytics; and REVV by Rallio, a reviews accelerator platform, now integrated into iQmetrix.

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REVV allows you to automatically deliver post sale customer experience surveys through RQ. This survey data allows you to monitor a sales reps performance and drive satisfied customers to easily leave online reviews.



  • Increase your positive online reviews by over 300%
  • Decrease negative reviews by up to 70%
  • Rate and rank your employees based on the customer experience they deliver
  • Respond quickly to customer concerns & issues
  • Improve your store’s online SEO rankings
  • Increase foot traffic by establishing credibility online
  • Increase repeat purchases with bounce back offers

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How It Works:

REVV is an innovative service designed to help your satisfied customers easily leave a positive online review, while providing others a place to vent where their comments will not be public and the option for a callback. REVV alerts you with immediate feedback on any negative experiences.

The customer survey data allows you to identify areas needing improvement in your staff and locations. By providing this proactive service, you'll increase overall customer satisfaction. By driving those customers to your review page, you'll elevate your online brand presence.



Partner Dashboard with Analytics:

The partner dashboard allows you to clearly see the data of every customer from each of your locations, in a comprehensive and easy to read format. Measure the success of the program not only by the number of reviews collected, but by the sentiment over time. Quickly respond to any customer issues before they post on social media, and watch your online ratings improve.


Want More Information?

Let us get you in touch with the right people—our partners!