Supply Chain 

Founded in 2002, Atlantia has grown into a leader in the Canadian technology accessories market with a focus on supplying quality products and cultivating strong relationships with all our partners. Atlantia offers solutions, not just products, leveraging our market expertise and passion for tech accessories to ensure success for all.

About Atlantia

Atlantia develops and grows our technology accessory brands not just locally but across Canada. We provide customized services and innovative solutions to all our partners. From our state-of-the-art distribution facility built in 2019, we can customize shipping to suit your needs and provide fast and efficient deliveries to all regions across Canada.

Our dedication to delivering quality products to our clients, combined with service at every level of our distribution process, guarantees that we go far beyond simply packing and shipping boxes.

In recognition of our excellence, Atlantia is proud to announce we have received the London Drugs Outstanding Partner of the Year award 8 times in the past 10 years.

Our experience, passion & innovative team makes us the perfect partner to strengthen your brand in the Canadian market.

Atlantia Solutions

  • Expertise in building successful brands across Canada
  • Marketing distributor for digital lifestyle accessories
  • Relationships across various channels (retail/​schools/​B2B)
  • Dedicated sales and distribution centers
  • Expertly curated products and accessories
  • Results-driven teams across customer service, marketing, and logistics
  • Sales analysis, forecasting and inventory management

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