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Two of VoiceComm’s most popular programs, Dropship and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), are integrated services produced in partnership with iQmetrix. VoiceComm has been a premier integrated partner with iQmetrix since 2014 and has developed a suite of customized tools and services to enhance your experience. Each program is designed to significantly impact the health of your business for the better!

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About VoiceComm

VoiceComm is the premier mobile accessory distributor for the North American market. Our diverse, high profile product portfolio coupled with our commitment to serve has allowed us to quickly become the go-to destination for wireless accessories in the market. With a focus on what's important for wireless retail and related channels, we inspire through customization to develop the programs and resources businesses need to succeed.

VoiceComm Solutions

VMI Dropship Digital Signage

Optimized Inventory Management

VoiceComm’s customized VMI program eases inventory fears and frees up time by allowing us to manage your wireless accessory inventory.

  • Transparent sell-through data
  • Flexible level controls to streamline analysis and adjustments
  • Automated replenish and stock-balance processes
  • Detailed monitoring and reporting performed by designated specialist

Eliminate Lost Sales. We’ll Cover the Logistics.

VoiceComm’s Dropship program digitally expands your wireless accessory inventory with top-selling brands, effortlessly solving the problem of limited selection and limited choice.

  • Offer 40+ industry-leading mobile accessory and CE brands in VoiceComm’s catalog
  • Fulfillment lifecycle of every order monitored by designated specialists
  • Deliver a better customer experience and increase your bottom line

Drive Awareness.

VoiceComm’s expert design team can help you create an impactful in-store experience. Our team will work with you to design and curate digital content that supports strategized promotions and drive product awareness.


VoiceComm's engagement and relationship in all levels of the organization, and the vendors, is a unique experience in this industry. VoiceComm's VMI program offers services and tools unique to this industry which provides a level of confidence in the ability to manage our inventory.  The Order Approval Tool allows us the flexibility to make changes with full transparency to what and how our stores are being replenished on a weekly basis.  VoiceComm's VMI services and tools have saved me several hours each week spent reviewing accessory inventory trends and replenishment.  VoiceComm is a true partner who keeps our inventory cost of goods and accessory strategy in mind when replenishing our stores.   VoiceComm's VMI tools, flexibility, industry insight communication and proactive engagement is the differentiates VoiceComm's VMI program to other VMI Program services I have had in the past.
Chris James
Director of Operations, Amcomm Wireless
Our biggest challenges with inventory are cost of goods, selection and stock levels. We’ve been very aggressive with stock cuts, pivoting to new options, and taking advantage of our VMI RMA. VoiceComm has been reliably excellent in procuring product we want to stock in our locations, and we see it in-store very quickly. These actions have lead to immediate improvement in attach rate and accessory ARPU. The excitement from the fresh line up keeps our sales force engaged, and involvement from vendors energizes our team. VoiceComm’s VMI team has been great with monitoring our levels, and sometimes even catching problems before we do.
Paul Stemick
Vice President of Operations, Team Wireless


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VoiceComm Rocks!

They are Awesome!

Gail Varhula, Connect Cell

September 3, 2019

Fabulous Partners!!!

Sandy, Carl, Jen and the rest of the VoiceComm team are the absolute best of the best and we are very fortunate as a company to work with them so closely!!! We could not ask for better service, products, or partners!!!

Andréa Couillard, TEAM Wireless

September 4, 2019

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