The sales platform for wireless retail. Statflo enables your front-line to bring the most customers back to your stores. Build the most profitable customer relationships with the leading 1:1 outreach solution for wireless & tech retail.

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About Statflo

Fully integrated with RQ, Statflo mines your data for opportunities, cleans it and empowers front-line staff to start audited conversations over messaging or phone, all while verifying transaction results. Last year, Statflo customers started millions of conversations to drive sales during idle time, replacing cold call marketing with warm conversations. Statflo’s mission is to warm up the world, one remarkable conversation at a time.

  • Drive more sales with 1:1 conversation.
  • Target your customers better.
  • Keep your staff accountable and track actions and ensure outbound calls are made.
  • Transform your messy data into actions.
  • Protect your data with SOC 2 Type II, PIPEDA, GDPR, CPNI, CASL & TCPA compliance.
  • Receive end-to-end support with Statflo’s Success team focused on your results.

How it Works
  1. Transform your data:

    Every Statflo installation requires some data, whether it’s from your POS, CRM or customer base management team. You can decide if you need Statflo to mine it for opportunities or ensure your campaigns are distributed to your team and worked on time.

    Transform™ brings in historical and live data, enforces your hierarchy, auto-creates users, auto-assigns accounts, removes duplicates and cleans your data, to ensure campaigns are more likely to succeed and to track results.

  2. Create Smart List:

    Once Statflo has cleaned data, Smart Lists™ target who to contact, when, and what should be said to them. Statflo’s patent-pending technology pairs a reason for contact with the right words - and creates snapshots of performance to understand if your team is getting better at doing their touchpoints.

  3. One-to-One Retail Conversations:

    The best way to warm up customers involves using SMS to start a conversation. Retail Conversations™ leverages the data and targeting from the first two products to start conversations that are likely to result in a purchase. It suggests the right conversation starter, and patent-pending compliance features allow for personalization while protecting all parties.

  4. Audit your progress:

    Track every action from your front-line team. Phone calls are made using our built-in dialer, manage your funnel, hold staff accountable with reporting and measure if a sale came from customers contacted in a Smart List. All while storing identifiable information securely and according to legal requirements.