Statflo is the leading compliant business texting platform for Telecommunications. Frontline teams engage, retain, and grow their customer base through authentic two-way conversations over text on Statflo.

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About Statflo

Fully integrated with RQ and trusted by thousands of customer-facing teams, Statflo identifies sales opportunities within your existing customer base and empowers front-line staff with highly targeted and personalized conversations over text messaging. Monitor team performance and accurately attribute sales results to customer conversations through a fully compliant and auditable platform. 

Statflo retail customers successfully convert idle time to productive time, reduce churn, maximize sales, and enhance customer experience through personalized conversations. 

  • Drive more sales with personalized conversations
  • Target and reach your customers better
  • Help your team succeed by making outreach fast and easy
  • Transform your messy data into actions
  • Improve your overall customer experience and retention
  • Stay compliant with SOC 2 Type II, PIPEDA, GDPR, CPNI, CASL & TCPA
  • Receive end-to-end support with Statflo’s Customer Success team focused on your results


Achieve 20-40% response rates, up to 10% conversion rates and less than 0.2% Opt-outs with conversational, two-way texting.

Made for Telco, retailers who use Statflo see substantially higher results compared to other channels.

With RQ integration, Statflo’s Smart Lists™ target account holders eligible for device upgrades, plan renewals, add-ons, and promos. 

Reps can effortlessly text hundreds of customers within an hour using pre-templated Chat Starters™ to kickstart every conversation in the right direction.

Using RQ integration, team activities and sales are automatically tracked as they happen. Reps can see which conversations drive sales, repeat business and customer satisfaction. Managers can see real customer conversations and work with Statlfo Customer Success Managers to coach on best practices.

With in-app reporting, reps and managers can track activity in real time. Reps can view dashboards to quickly see Smart List™ completion, customers waiting for a response and customers who need a follow up or reminder.

Managers can monitor team activity, including texts, responses, meetings and more for a successful customer lifecycle contact strategy.

Using Smart Filtering and unmatched enterprise-grade security and privacy with SOC 2 Type II + PIPEDA certified by BDO and built-in enforcement of TCPA, CASL, CAN-SPAM and DNC, Statflo helps retailers adhere to regulatory, legal, security and brand compliance when messaging customers.