Balaji Wireless

Supply Chain 

At Balaji, we dedicate countless hours towards the design, production, and testing of our cell phone accessories to deliver a high-quality end product. With over a decade of industry experience, you can trust that partnering with Balaji will drive your productivity, and consequently profitability, to the next level of success. We strive to provide innovative products to protect your device from the unexpected for every unique consumer.

About Balaji Wireless

Since 2006, our vision has always been to provide innovative products of the highest quality and unrivaled customer service. We know the importance of treating not only our team members as family, but also treating all of our clients as such. We spend countless hours innovating, designing, and most importantly packing your products. Our team is dedicated to making sure every order is packed with precision and care. We love what we do, and we love the satisfaction we bring to you.

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Balaji Wireless Solutions

VMI -Balaji’s VMI program streamlines your business’s inventory management and order fulfillment to increase consumer sales and profit margins.

  1. Program Benefits
  2. Efficiently manage inventory
  3. Streamlined purchase order reports
  4. Inventory replenishment analysis
  5. Manage sales history