Chatterspot provides a digital, end-to-end Customer Relationship and Online Review Management System, customized for wireless retailers. Chatterspot ensures your retail locations are not only retaining their current customers but also driving new customers.

About Chatterspot

Our proprietary automated email-to-text and two-way-text technology allows your retail locations to maximize every sales opportunity. Chatterspot’s automated online reputation management technology ensure your online reviews are above industry standards. With Chatterspot, you can expect a return on investment of 10x or better.

Chatterspot’s Customer Relationship and Online Review Management System follows proven steps to ensure your retail locations success:

  1. We build a customer and prospect advertising database for your business
  2. We create a strategic advertising strategy
  3. We execute the advertising strategy on your store locations behalf
  4. We implement our proprietary Automated Email-to-Text and Two-Way-Text Technology to increase sales opportunities
  5. We ensure you receive positive online reviews utilizing our proprietary Online Reputation Management Technology.
  6. We track your Return on Investment to adjust our strategy as needed to increase your success