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As Canada’s premier distributor of wireless accessories, we offer real value to our customers, not only in terms of products, but in terms of service, logistics, and most importantly leadership. From smartphone protective cases and screen protectors to chargers, mobile memory, audio, signal enhancing and smart home solutions, and more. The right product, at the right price, delivered at the right time, and supported by the right people.

About Hitfar

At Hitfar, we’re committed to give Canadian retail businesses access to quality wireless accessories through a partnership they can trust. Our goal is to ensure our customers are successful by offering a value proposition that speaks to the needs of their unique businesses. Since 1988, we’ve been known for our leadership built on ethical business practice, excellent customer service, and ability to manage a product portfolio that is aligned with market trends.

What do our customers need, which will position themselves to be successful now and in the future?” Answering that question correctly has been the key to our own, as well as our customers’ success.

Hitfar currently services the following channels:

  • Wireless Carries & Dealers
  • Big box retailers
  • Independent retailers
  • General merchandise retail channel
Wireless Accessories

Heartland Solutions



Cellular Only is a Premium Verizon Wireless Retailer located in Sioux Falls. Its accountant, Cara, was concerned that since the payment systems at this location were non-integrated, there were too many errors and security issues, and time was being wasted. Her employees had to ring up transactions on separate standalone terminals then indicate the transaction had been successfully completed by manually entering into other systems. There were too many systems to reconcile resulting in too many potential points of failure. Plus, there was too much additional training for her staff.


Cara integrated her payment systems with Heartland, the country’s fifth largest payments processor, and RQ, a leading retail management system from iQmetrix that is specifically designed for wireless retailers. By doing so Cara streamlined her operation, reduced risks, and freed herself up to focus on her bottom line. Heartland’s extensive partnership with iQmetrix meant Cara was in good hands with a retail wireless specialist, and that she began processing through 70 integrated RQ workstations in no time.

According to Cara, the main reason I wanted to integrate our payment systems was to cut down on errors and save our employees and customers time. Between ringing the sale out in RQ and walking to the credit card machine, employees would forget the amount of the transaction. This would create an initial charge, a return and another swipe — and in turn cause for unneeded fees.” Cara added, customers also didn’t appreciate seeing several charges on their statements and waiting longer. We also had a large amount of employees who knew the amount of items, tax included, and would swipe the credit card for the charge and never run it through the POS. This made our inventory a little chaotic! It also made returns impossible as there was never technically a sale.”

Cara concluded that they needed something more streamlined, a system that could merge into Cellular Only’s POS and cut down on all possible errors.

Since we’ve integrated RQ with Heartland Payment Systems, our sales process has been much smoother,” said Cara. Our customers’ wait time has decreased, our fees and charges have lessened, our errors have all but disappeared, and my time spent reconciling many systems has been cut in half!”

The only payment processor that works with RQ and offers peace of mind, Heartland Payment Systems provides round-the-clock service and support, as well as maintaining transparency, trust, and fairness in pricing. Heartland continues to develop technologies and solutions designed to help retailers grow and keep their payments secure, such as End-to-End Encryption™ (E3), the only comprehensive encryption solution integrated with RQ to minimize retailers’ PCI DSS scope.