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As Canada’s premier distributor of wireless accessories, we offer real value to our customers, not only in terms of products, but in terms of service, logistics, and most importantly leadership. From smartphone protective cases and screen protectors to chargers, mobile memory, audio, signal enhancing and smart home solutions, and more. The right product, at the right price, delivered at the right time, and supported by the right people.

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About Hitfar

At Hitfar, we’re committed to give Canadian retail businesses access to quality wireless accessories through a partnership they can trust. Our goal is to ensure our customers are successful by offering a value proposition that speaks to the needs of their unique businesses. Since 1988, we’ve been known for our leadership built on ethical business practice, excellent customer service, and ability to manage a product portfolio that is aligned with market trends.

“What do our customers need, which will position themselves to be successful now and in the future?” Answering that question correctly has been the key to our own, as well as our customers’ success.

Hitfar currently services the following channels:

  • Wireless Carries & Dealers
  • Big box retailers
  • Independent retailers
  • General merchandise retail channels


Hitfar Solutions

Dropship + Endless Aisle

Anything that supports wireless communication has a place in our lineup. Smartphone protective cases, screen protectors, power, cellular signal boosters, audio and smart home solutions; absolutely anything but the cell phone itself.

To promote the growth and profitability of our clients we provide:

  • Selection that allows for multiple positioning options
  • Cost-efficient logistic for fast order delivery
  • Sound customer service


I have been working with the Hitfar team for a few years now as a partner and their continued dedication to their business and their clients continues to be a highlight when interacting with them. The entire team that I've had the pleasure of working with is dedicated, genuine and motivated to help you get the most out of what they have to offer. I highly recommend reaching out to the team to see what they can do for you and your business!
Brandon Faulkner
Have been buying from Hitfar for 10+ years and have always been happy. Troy has always been very approachable and the three sales reps I've had manage our account over the years have been great. Support team behind the scenes friendly and helpful.
Jeff K
Tom Harris
Hitfar has been great to me and my company over the past 4 years. They have always taken care of us and have made ordering a breeze! So much thanks from me and the entire Cell Clinic team for being so awesome.
Alex Dechant
Cell Clinic


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