Retail Intelligence 

Savi helps management know the good and eliminate the bad by utilizing their existing surveillance systems, sales data from iqmetrix, cloud computing and AI. Making it easy for anyone to identify high and low performers, understand what behaviors are driving their results. Helping improve sales and decrease loss.

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Transform Video Surveillance into Actionable Insights with Savi

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Retail Intelligence Platform

Savi’s cloud-based platform combines core services for your retail locations to help you and your team save time and money while increasing operational efficiency.

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

Our easy to use dashboards allow you and your team to easily track and measure key performance indicators from sales, labor, customer traffic & conversion rates, and loss prevention metrics relevant to their position. Helping them always be in the know.


Exception Based Video Reports

Every transaction that happens in your store is clipped and stored in the cloud so you’re never without the information you need. Those transactions are searchable based upon transaction and employee data, and audit reports of exceptions are automatically generated for review. Helping filter through the noise and only show you and your team what needs your attention.


Traffic Counting and Customer Flow

Not only can we help you accurately track your customer count and conversion rates, but understand where your customers are spending time in the store so you can optimize sales and conversion rates.


Cloud Video Management

Make it easier than ever to grant access, view and export video for all of your locations in one place. All of your video is saved in the cloud so it is always safe, secure and available when you need it.

Mobile VMS

Hardware Agnostic

Happy with your existing surveillance system but would love the Savi features? Great! In most cases, we can use your existing hardware with little to no adjustments. Looking to upgrade a camera or two or replace your whole system? Savi has you covered there too!