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Supply Chain 

As the name implies we are a full service supplier to the wireless retail market. We manufacture and distribute a full line of best in class” wireless accessories. With our factory-direct model we are able to supply our partners with extremely competitive pricing while supplying top-tier accessories. Our premium line of accessories include; chargers, screen protection, portable power, cases, bluetooth and more..

About One Source Suppliers

One Source Suppliers was founded in 2000 with the mission of being a One-Stop accessory supplier for wireless retailers. To give outstanding value to our customers and supply them with best-in-class premium accessories we cut out the middleman. To do this we adopted a factory-direct model by manufacturing a full line of premium accessories and distribution directly to retailers.

One Source factory-direct to retailers

To support our retailers we developed a state of the art customer portal from the ground-up with exclusive features that are designed to make ordering and account management seamless. Features include; user level permission/​monitored buying, multi-cart shopping with active carts, negotiated pricing, reporting and more.

user level permission/​monitored buying

multi-cart shopping with active carts

negotiated pricing

reporting and more

One Source Suppliers Solutions

Program Features & Benefits

1. Always in Stock: Intelligent stock monitoring & replenishment

2. Save Time: Seamless purchase order integration

3. In the Know: Smart alert system

4. Less Mess: Stock rebalancing

5. Convenient: Flexible PO approval process


Comprehensive Inventory Management System:

One Source has teamed up with iQmetrix to provide a comprehensive intelligent inventory management system. With VMI integration we are able to manage your inventory levels making sure that the product you need is exactly where you need it, so you never lose a sale.

Our system closely monitors your inventory and accounts for seasonal fluctuations, constantly verifying the health of your inventory, not only making sure that you are not under-stocked but also not over-stocked.

Our flexible system gives you the option from manual” to fully automated” order approval settings. Be assured that all orders are reviewed by your dedicated VMI specialist before they are shipped.

Easy & Transparent Transaction Details: 

Your accounting department will love us, we have built in tools to make all aspects of reconciling invoices & transactions simple, freeing up your accounting department’s time, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Account Management:

  • Dedicated VMI Specialist
  • Customer Support Manager - Partner Team Rep
  • IT Support
One Source Save TimeOne Source VMI

We are committed to providing the ultimate customer experience, from superior product quality to customer satisfaction as well as support and warranty.

Same Day Shipping

We offer same day shipping and utilize multiple carriers to assure prompt, quick and economical order delivery.

Competitive Pricing

Our products are always priced competitively and are not listed on online marketplaces allowing you the pricing freedom without having to worry about online competition.

By partnering with us and iQmetrix Dropship program we offer the benefits of enhanced product offering with increased profit margins.

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