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Drexel is a wholesale distribution and 3rd party logistics service provider. Through a strong core of strategic partners including telecommunications service providers, national retailer partners and regional players, Drexel connects homes to a variety of products and services throughout Canada.

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About Drexel

Drexel Industries is a wholesale distribution and third-party logistics service provider focused on retail and telecommunications distribution and e-commerce order fulfillment.

Through a strong core of strategic partners, including telecommunications service providers, national retailer partners, and regional players, Drexel connects homes to a myriad of products and services throughout Canada, including: Amazon.ca, Bell, Best Buy, Canada Computers, Canadian Tire, Chatr, Cityfone, Costco, Destination Mobile, Eastlink, eBay.ca, Fido, Giant Tiger, Glentel (Telephone Booth, Wireless Wave, Wireless Etc.), Home Depot, Home Depot, Home Hardware, Home Outfitters, Hudson Bay Company, Hudson Group, Infinity Telecom, Jump +, JSYK, Koodo, Loblaw’s, London Drugs, Lowes, Mark’s Work Wearhouse, MEC, Metro, Newegg.ca, Nordstrom, PC Mobile, Prairie Mobile, Relay Stores, Rogers, Running Room, Saks, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sobey’s, Staples, Telus, The Shopping Channel, TSC Stores, The Source, Telus, TJ Max, Videotron, Virgin Mobile, Visions Electronics, Walmart, Wayfair.ca, Wireless Age, and WOW Mobile, among others.

Drexel’s turn-key automated process offers all customers an enhanced service and superior order fulfillment capabilities through same day shipping convenience, seven days per week.

Additional information about Drexel Industries can be found at Drexel.ca.

Drexel Solutions

Third-Party Logistics

Drexel manages warehousing space that provides national accessibility to Canadian customers. Whether you require a dedicated or shared user space, Drexel can custom build a scalable solution that supports your current and future warehousing needs. Each of our solutions is designed to optimize both location and space while minimizing handling and inventory levels — all with an eye for reducing fixed costs and other drains on working capital. We match this physical capability with an industry-leading warehouse management system that offers real-time visibility of your inventory position.

Whether it’s brick-and-mortar retail, e-commerce, or omnichannel, we have the in-depth sales and logistics experience to move your products to your customers with the speed, accuracy, and precise packaging that is part of your brand. Whether you are a larger retailer looking for a third-party logistics provider to manage your distribution and logistics or you’re a small-to-medium enterprise who wants to fully outsource fulfillment so you can focus on what you do best, Drexel can provide a solution focused on maximizing productivity, service excellence, and cost effectiveness.

Drexel thrives on continually improving our direct-to-consumer fulfillment solutions. We combine Drexel’s Supply Chain Group’s infrastructure presence with well-placed fulfillment specialists and last mile innovators to provide worry-free, end-to-end fulfillment services. Our services are for retail customers from start-ups through big-box giants and have the ability to thrive in today’s hyper-competitive retail arena. This space requires speed, infrastructure flexibility, and both forward and reverse logistics dexterity. We help you design streamlined, dependable fulfillment strategies that move your products while cutting costs and creating predictable, brand-forward delivery experiences.