AXS by Axessorize

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AXS (by Axessorize) was founded on the simple idea of providing a wide range of accessories for all devices available in our target markets. Our promise to our customers is to deliver a great experience through innovative products and value-added services. We pride ourselves on supporting our customers throughout the product journey, from sales to customer support.

About AXS by Axessorize

AXS is a Canadian brand established in 2014. The company was founded with a focus on filling the gap in the mobile accessories market. The brand has grown exponentially since its inception and now carries a full range of cases, screen protection and power. Our products can now be found in thousands of retail stores across North America. 



The dropship program offers endless aisle solutions which virtually offers the entire AXS catalog to your customers.

  • Expanded Assortment available anywhere!
  • Product always in Stock
  • Drives incremental sales & attachment