Warranty and Protection 

Likewize is a global leader of end-to-end device lifecycle management solutions and the world’s fastest growing device protection provider. We work with carrier, retail and enterprise customers in approximately 50 countries, touching every stage of a device’s lifecycle, from when it’s manufactured to the moment it’s time to trade it in and re-market it.

About Likewize

Likewize is the world’s leading provider of end-to-end solutions that better manage the world’s mobile device needs. Whether a device is coming straight off the assembly line or being returned after years of use, we have a solution ideal for any mobile device at any point in its lifecycle. Customizable for wireless carriers, OEMs, retailers and enterprises.

Quite simply, we add value across the entire device lifecycle. From purchase to protection to recycling, Likewize is there from start to finish.

Likewize Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

From customization to case pack shipments, our proprietary tools and operating rhythm help customers turn their supply chain into a competitive advantage

Trade-in Solutions

We remarket millions of devices each year by repairing and refurbishing them to maximize their residual value. When it comes to used device sales, we are three times larger than our next competitor.

Device Protection

We deliver an exceptional customer experience by providing always-on customer support and protecting devices 24/7.

Reverse Logistics

We help our customers improve processing costs and reduce risk with our sophisticated, data-driven reverse processing operation.