Workforce Management 

Intelocate is the only operations platform tailored specifically for the wireless industry, providing the tools necessary to maximize your workforce day-to-day. Within a single dashboard, you can empower your frontline employees by giving them the means to report issues, make more efficient use of time with automated tasks, checklists, or audits, and ensure that your Head Office has the most up-to-date data to make informed decisions through detailed and highly customizable reports.

About Intelocate

Intelocate is the go-to platform for wireless carriers and authorized dealers that want to improve processes organization-wide, while consolidating tools. Our customers save hours daily on task management, issue resolution, communications, and much more. Whatever your industry, Intelocate provides the perfect, customizable solution for your day-to-day operations. Learn more at

Intelocate Solutions

Retail Intelligence

Task Management

Issue Reporting & Resolution / Helpdesk


Intelocate helps you to empower your frontline staff, gather 360 degree insights, create detailed reports, and maximize your available workforce by providing easy-to-use tools that allow for:

  • Efficient task management including bulk task uploads, easy assignment of tasks to some or all locations, compliance/​audit checklists, and customizable conditional logic;
  • Simple to use issue reporting, powered by customizable issue report forms, conditional logic, and automatic assignment of issues to the relevant personnel;
  • Clutter-free, on-task/issue communications to help reduce reliance on email for daily operations



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