Otter University

Workforce Management 

Otter University is a platform created to deliver a unique experience to the sales associate. In partnership with iQmetrix, we allow businesses to reward their associates for doing their work well with earned prizes like great products and unique experiences.

About Otter University

Gone are the days of a points or rewards systems having instant appeal (buh-bye). Just look at the countless programs out there, OBLIVIOUS to actually delivering a rewarding experience. Otter University is flipping the script on everyday sales-rewards programs with a system that actually makes employees feel rewarded. While all the other programs continue to sleep-walk through their unrewarding rewards, ours will be woke. Otter University is unabashedly disrupting the way a blue shirt” expects reward programs to behave and they promise it will be a rewardingly-rewarding experience.

Otter University Solutions

At its core, Otter University creates a mechanism where we, Otter Products, can thank and reward people for their hard work. We want people to feel excited when they sell our products.

Otter University is not something that is offered to all of our partners. This can be leveraged as a value proposition for those accounts where this available — score! We value the relationships that we’ve built with our accounts and anything we can do to provide value to them is a win for us.

We know that by creating an environment where employees feel valued, they will put in more effort. This also translates to lower turnover.


I had literally the most amazing time ever. Probably the best trip I have taken in my life… I really hope you do this drawing again next year as I will be saving every point I have on Otter University from now until then.

Michael Turk 
Spring Mobile