The Future of Device Trade-In


Safetrade is a flexible, omni-channel trade-in platform for retailers that revolutionizes the way consumers and businesses upgrade to the latest technology.

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The Future of Device Trade-In

Safetrade is a flexible, omni-channel trade-in platform for retailers that revolutionizes the way consumers and businesses upgrade to the latest technology.


The Most Reliable and Secure Trade-in Experience

Safetrade offers unparalleled reliability, data security, flexibility, and scalability to meet your trade-in needs. Whether you’re gearing up for a new device launch or want to provide customers better value for their old devices, Safetrade has you covered.

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The Most Versatile Platform in the Industry

Safetrade enables retailers to buyback and recapture smartphones, tablets, computers, accessories, or any other pre-owned technology in exchange for payment and recycling. Far more than a trade-in service, our platform gives enterprises the ability to elevate the trade-in experience end-to-end.


Our operations scale with your business. Our platform is capable of maintaining quality controls while undergoing rapid capacity shifts.

  • Balances program requirements and labor efficiency for rapid expansion and contraction
  • Able to scale during holidays and other peak selling seasons
  • Rapid disposition capabilities during sales spikes ensure higher resale values and better customer value at scale


Our robust API enables seamless integration with various channels, systems of technology, and operational partners.

  • Connect to the existing brand buy-flows and portal experiences your customers are familiar with
  • Provide true omni-channel experiences: enable users to begin trades in one channel and finish in the other.
  • Expose customers to technology values via touch points like My Account, Portals, and more, enticing them to upgrade faster
  • Leverage Phobio’s 3PL, support, and disposition services, or integrate your own


We take the reliability of our platform seriously. Our technology and partnerships help you optimize profitability and scale.

  • Our proven operations process more than 1 million devices annually
  • SafeTrade is deployed in over 4,500 retail locations and some of the largest global retailers’ direct-to-consumer online and SMB trade-in programs
  • Devices are inspected within 2 days of receipt and sold 10 days from inspection
  • We keep your systems up and running with a 99.999% uptime SLA


We’ve designed a simple experience that delights customers, elevates your brand, and ultimately increases profitability.

  • Empower your team and customers with simple & easy to use tools, like our IMEI search, two-condition grading scale, and device estimator
  • Notify customers of adjustments immediately with detailed descriptions and photo evidence
  • Our dedicated account management and support staff are available to troubleshoot problems 24/7


Safetrade maintains the highest level of security standards around devices, guest data, and our facilities.

  • Our platform is always secure, stable, and available, tested by annual security audits
  • At our facilities, dedicated 24/7 onsite security systems manage employees entering and exiting all facilities
  • We perform secure data erasure from all devices, and if any media or data can’t be erased, we recycle the device instead of reselling it


Safetrade gives you unparalleled visibility into pricing and sales data.

  • Access to current and historical average trade-in value and ranking against competitors
  • Our published prices ensure true economic transparency
  • Leverage market-leading analytics and reporting tools down to the rep level
  • Simple and transparent payment reconciliation

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