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Why Canada’s Biggest TELUS Retailer Relies on iQmetrix for Growth and Stability

Tom Harris Cellular is Canada’s largest TELUS and Koodo authorized retailer, with 58 stores across Western Canada — 32 in BC and 26 in Alberta.

Tom Harris has been with iQmetrix since 2002, and we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our partnership with them back in 2022. For 22 years now, this highly successful telecom retailer has relied on iQmetrix’s Point of Sale and Retail Management System, RQ, to scale and optimize operations across its wireless stores. 

Completing its seamlessly integrated network of Interconnected Commerce solutions, Tom Harris has also added both Dropship and Payments solutions.

The team at Tom Harris says RQ has allowed them to make dead stock virtually non-existent by effectively manage purchasing and relocating slow-moving products to keep inventory flowing. RQ has also enabled Tom Harris to track sales performance and attachment results, and providing instant feedback for coaching, training, and marketing. 

Tom Harris stores are also seeing increased revenues from several members our partner ecosystem, using the frictionless integrations from RQ into:

Samsung Care+ Canada: device protection for Samsung Galaxy devices

AppleCare: device protection for Apple devices

Statflo: a text-based sales enablement solution

TracPoint: a digital business card and marketing platform

Hitfar: a Canadian distributor of wireless accessories

Cesium: a Canadian supplier of wireless and electronics accessories

Axessorize: a Canadian mobile accessories and dropship supplier

Without the services from iQmetrix, we would not have been able to grow our business to what it is today. But the biggest technological highlight is something that’s taken for granted. It is the reliability and robustness of iQmetrix services. We can count on them to work all day, every day.“

Dave Smyth 
Executive Vice President and Dealer Principal, Tom Harris Cellular 

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