Point-of-Sale and Retail Management Software Built for Canadian Wireless Retail

Operational Excellence for Cost Savings and Growth

Streamlined retail management, point-of-sale, and unified commerce software solutions that simplify telecom retail, delivering a seamless and uplifting experience for both English- and French-speaking retail operators and customers. 

Retail POS Software for Telecom Retailers

iQmetrix’s wireless retail management solutions tailored for English- and French-speaking markets empower independent telecom retailers with an all-in-one point-of-sale and activation experience, driving sustainable growth and setting industry standards through innovation.

Boost Growth and Customer Retention

Create frictionless experiences with carrier activation integration, integrated payment processing with iQmetrix Merchant Services, dropship, and dynamic inventory management to delight, and ultimately retain, wireless retail customers.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

With advanced reporting and intelligence, sophisticated reconciliation, performance-driven employee management, and robust security tools, RQ ensures smooth wireless retail management and peace of mind.

Enable Seamless Integrations

Leveraging effortless connectivity, RQ seamlessly integrates with an ecosystem of innovative applications that enhance customer experiences, supply chain management, and operational efficiencies.

Benefits to Your Back-of-House Operations

iQmetrix RMS

Upgraded data and analytics for powerful decision-making

Examine real-time insights with a wide range of reports to get clarity on wireless retail sales and profits. From executive dashboards to fully customizable performance group reporting, easily access and schedule reports to keep all stakeholders informed, whether they’re in the office or remote. 

Streamlined carrier integration and commission reconciliation

Seamless integration means avoiding front-end errors with activation integration, managing rate plans and pricing changes effortlessly, and enabling hassle-free reconciliation using auto reconciliation tools that provide discrepancy identification, accurate cellphone store employee commissions, and frictionless carrier compensation reconciliation. 

Advanced inventory and supply chain management

Sync retail inventory with e-commerce for consistent order fulfillment and seamless, live inventory tracking across all telecom retail channels. Enable store-to-store transfers, and the ability to set automatic minimums and maximums, based on customer buying habits. Enjoy instant purchase orders, replenishment, and fulfilment with vendor integration. 

Optimized operations to save money and boost revenues

iQmetrix’s expansive set of interconnected solutions lets you cut costs with smart workforce management tools, tax integrations, and fraud detection, while increasing revenues through dropship, integrated accessory vendors, marketing tools, and more. Optimize your store operations with our finance and accounting module, streamlining tasks like cash management. 

Benefits to Your Front-of-House Experiences

iQmetrix Retail POS

Easy, intuitive wireless POS and retail management solutions

Our system’s Activation Wizard and Carrier Integration powers fast, error-free activations, while functionality like product recommendations and visible tracking makes RQ both intuitive and user-friendly for your staff.

Fast and secure integrated payment processing

Streamline check-out, reduce errors, and simplify reconciliation with our fully integrated payment solution. Our connected workstations and payment terminals ensure consistent transactional data across the board, making payment processing effortless.

A consistent brand experience across all channels

Reinvigorate and unify the customer experience across all telecom retail channels. Align the in-store experience with e-commerce, enhancing shopping with endless-aisle and dropship capabilities, mobile POS integrations, and transparent transactions.

Seamless omnichannel retail solutions

Connect with your wireless retail customers wherever they are, using our award-winning Omnichannel suite of solutions. With features like BOPIS/ROPIS, curbside pickup, store appointments, queue management, remote payments, and beyond, our solutions empower you to craft tailored, efficient customer experiences every step of the way.

Boost revenues with add-on tools and services

Our vast ecosystem of integrated vendors helps streamline your telecom retail operations and drive revenue growth. Connect existing systems with our best-of-breed partners and ready-to-use integrations. 

RQ Features

Easy, intuitive POS and retail management to streamline core functions for Canadian wireless retailers.


Empower cellular store employees to confidently serve customers with tools for discounts, promotions, and suggestive selling.

Cash Management

Ensure security and protect against theft with access control, cash handling, and approval and reporting features.

Inventory Management and Supply Chain

Accurately count, forecast, serialize, and manage your telecom retail inventory for profitability with real-time visibility.

Commission Reconciliation

Enable hassle-free auto reconciliation tools that provide discrepancy identification, accurate wireless retail employee commissions, and more.

Real-Time Reporting

Access customizable, cloud-based reports for real-time insights into your wireless retail sales trends, anytime, anywhere.


Safeguard sensitive data with customizable roles and biometric authentication for your cellphone store sales associates.