The Retail World is Evolving

We're here to help you evolve with it.

Our open and innovative platform breaks down traditional barriers by unboxing retail’s multiple, siloed systems. POS, CRM, Dropship, eCommerce and customer experience applications can finally work together!

Central Commerce Platform

Be everywhere your customers want you to be.

iQmetrix Platform

Our powerful commerce platform can help you enable a true omnichannel experience by connecting your current and future systems to create a best-in-class customer experience.


Take control of your business and watch it grow.

iQmetrix POS

Our point of sale is much more than a POS, but calling it an integrated POS, CRM, Inventory, Reporting, Metrics, Accounting super machine doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely...

Endless Aisle

The best of online meets the best of in-store.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle

Our endless aisle solution blends in-store and online channels, enabling endless merchandising and fulfillment options for your customers. Retail worlds are officially colliding!

Complete the Omnichannel Experience

iQmetrix Digital Signage

Dynamic ads that enhance your in-store brand presence.

iQmetrix Queuing

Serve customers better with our virtual ticket-taker solution.

iQmetrix Ecommerce

Create, manage, and maintain your fully-integrated eCommerce website.

iQmetrix Dropship

A whole new way to showcase, sell, and ship products.

We can no longer survive on point-to-point integration. There are just too many integration points and they multiply every time another channel erupts.-Retail Systems Report-

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