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How TELUS Retailer 4L Drives Revenue Growth and Excellence with iQmetrix

4L Communications Inc. is Manitoba’s largest TELUS and Koodo authorized retailer, with 16 locations in Manitoba, two in Saskatchewan, and three stores in Alberta.

The company has been working with iQmetrix since 2008, and today relies on iQmetrix’s Point of Sale and Retail Management System, RQ, to drive sales growth and optimize operations in its retail stores. 4L has also added both Dropship and Payments solutions, plus several vendor integrations — creating a true Interconnected Commerce retail operation.

The team at 4L deeply values the sales and performance data from iQmetrix that informs their business operations and equips us to pivot quickly,” according to Lars Koop, Chief Operating Officer at 4L. He also cites the Sales Order function as being essential for iconic device pre-orders and being able to manage inventory levels and expectations.” In the payment space, the Remote Pay and integration with Stripe Payments allow for seamless payment capture while lowering costs,” added Koop. 

4L has benefited from seamless integrations with our partner ecosystem, plugging into:

Samsung Care+ Canada: device protection for SamsungGalaxy devices

Statflo: a text-based sales enablement solution

TracPoint: a digital business card and marketing platform

Hitfar: a Canadian distributor of high-quality wireless accessories

Cesium: a Canadian supplier of premium wireless and electronics accessories

RQ has been the fundamental pillar in driving retail excellence for our business. Carrier Integration, Inventory Management, and the ability to extract the most important data has helped 4L achieve leadership in driving product attachment, identifying sales behaviors, and focusing on revenue-generating activity.

Lars Koop 
Chief Operating Officer, 4L Communications Inc. 

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