New Year, New Partners to Integrate With Your Business

We’re not one for humble bragging, but we’re pretty proud of our partner ecosystem. It’s chalk full of expert solutions that help our clients in every facet of their business, and with over 40+ partners and counting, the iQmetrix Partner Ecosystem is constantly growing so that you, and your business, can grow in efficiencies and revenue.

In 2019, we added 10 new partners to our ecosystem. That’s 10 additional services and solutions that you can integrate to your business to help create enriched experiences. 

And if you haven’t already met them, we’re here to give you the tour!

New solutions from new partners


Tracpoint provides innovative marketing programs and services for multi-location retailers. They work with thousands of wireless retailers across the US and Canada and can help you improve your store’s online reputation by increasing your positive online reviews by over 300%. They do this with best-in-class social media management and content platform, a digital promotions designer tool with serialized, trackable offers and advanced analytics, and REVV by Rallio; a reviews accelerator platform, now integrated with iQmetrix.

Last year, Tracpoint and iQmetrix hosted a webinar on how to take control of your brand’s online reputation, which received a ton of great feedback. Take a look at the recorded session, here, to see how to leverage the power of positive reviews and grow your business!


By leveraging revolutionary technology unique to the business analytics industry, Rebiz connects with your business’s data to uncover the truth about your company – from the performance of your sales reps to product efficiencies to how it all impacts your profitability. With products designed to help increase your sales, conversions, and customer retention, Rebiz is reinventing how you make data-driven decisions.

ReBiz’s proprietary software enables products like Datacam to provide in-depth analytics through video surveillance. You’re able to see the most accurate store traffic reporting in the industry, store and rep-level conversion reporting, as well as all of ReBiz’s Scheduling Adviser tools to help make sure your stores are staffed according to business needs.

3 New Dropship Partners 

One Source

One Source gives outstanding value to customers and supplies them with best-in-class premium accessories. They do this simply by cutting out the middleman by adopting a factory-direct model that manufactures a full line of premium accessories and distributing directly to retailers. 

One Source Suppliers was founded in 2000 with the mission of being a One-Stop accessory supplier for wireless retailers. To better support retailers, One Source developed a state of the art customer portal from the ground-up with exclusive features that are designed to make ordering and account management seamless.


This new partner is focused on retail and telecommunications distribution and e-commerce order fulfillment. Whether it’s brick-and-mortar retail, e-commerce, or omnichannel, Drexel has the in-depth sales and logistics experience to move your products to your customers with the speed, accuracy, and precise packaging that is part of your brand.

Drexel’s turn-key automated process offers all customers an enhanced service and superior order fulfillment capabilities through same day shipping convenience, seven days per week.


Atlantia develops and grows technology accessory brands across Canada. They provide customized services and innovative solutions to all partners and leverage their state-of-the-art distribution facility built in 2019 to customize shipping to suit your needs and provide fast and efficient deliveries to all regions across Canada.

Their dedication to delivering quality products to clients, combined with service at every level of their distribution process, guarantees that they go far beyond simply packing and shipping boxes..

Teed up to launch in 2020

Because of our desire to support our clients, iQmetrix continues to launch new Partners in our Ecosystem to provide clients tools and services in other spaces. This year, we are looking forward to adding Partners in new categories such as Leasing and Human Resources. 


This new partner focuses on the wireless retail industry but has plans to extend into many other verticals. Key investors and advisers include Mitch Black and Todd Richardson, who bring a combined extensive experience in the technology, SaaS, and wireless industries.

Shiftlab is set to launch commercially in the first quarter of 2020. The SaaS company is focused on performance-based labor optimization, utilizing a machine-learning product to help retailers execute their labor strategy as efficiently as possible while maximizing the potential of each employee’s sales and operational strengths.


Our partner, SmartPay, helps you get the phones you want today by providing a Lease-to-Own payment plan you can pay overtime. By providing
retailers with innovative leasing products, SmartPay empower consumers with greater purchasing power and fewer barriers to getting the products they desire.

Set yourself up for the year

Our new partners are more than ready to help you set get your business as efficient as possible. Get in touch with our team today to implement one of our partner solutions to help push your business forward.