Keep Customers Engaged During the Holiday Rush and Beyond

With the holiday season in full swing, carriers, retailers, and device brands are all on their A-games to entice consumers to hand over their hard-earned dollars. 

However, inflation challenges, news of an impending recession, and increased competition between traditional wireline and wireless providers are all factors that will affect consumers’ decisions on whether to upgrade their devices, switch carriers, or stay put.

If you’re looking for ways to minimize those challenges, and maximize your retail potential these holidays and into 2023, read on. 

Prevent Long Wait Times 

Holiday shopping can be stressful for consumers. Not only are they trying to sort out the best gift for themselves or their loved-ones, they’re usually forced to wade through masses of shoppers all trying to accomplish the same goal. 

Though holiday deals may be what initially draws them in into your store, or sets your company apart from your competitors, customers who decide to carve out their personal time to venture out won’t want to spend that precious time waiting at the store to be helped. Additionally, your front-line teams may be unable to handle the surge of walk-ins through their doors. Revenue opportunities can be easily missed when stores are overcrowded. 

Scheduling appointments with customers offers an easy way to manage the holiday influx. Once scheduled, the ability to follow up and confirm the appointment also helps to prevent unnecessary wait times on both the customer and the associate, minimizing the chances of missed connections. 

Reduce High-Effort Experiences 

Ever feel like something is just too cumbersome to do? That’s called a high-effort experience. It’s when an activity is perceived as being difficult or inconvenient to do, even if it must be done. One example is being sent forms by email to complete but needing to print the forms first in order to fill them in. And it makes a difference. 

According to statistics reported in iQmetrix’s recent 2022 Telecom Industry Address, 96% of consumers with high-effort experiences report being disloyal to that dealer, while 49% of buyers make impulse purchases when the experience is easy and personalized. 

Creating low-effort experiences can be as simple as reminding customers what they need to bring with them to take advantage of a promotion. Or it could be advising customers they can text the store (instead of call) if any questions come up after their purchase. Or it could be providing the store associate with full context about the customer and the ability to text or call them directly, all in one application. (Strategic technology partnerships do wonders to help minimize swivel-chair processes!) 

Engage Customers One-to-One 

In the current economy, as many as 75% of shoppers may delay purchases due to inflation but that doesn’t mean they will never buy. Maintaining brand awareness and supporting customer relationships is critical when buying decisions may be delayed. 

Connecting with customers has become much more complex than sending emails or text messages en masse. Today, creating meaningful connections with customers has taken precedence. This is not only a strategic business move but also an approach that fosters great relationships with customers and, in turn, boosts sales. 

Using one-to-one business texting between frontline teams and customers is a convenient and easy strategy to engage with customers and maintain your brand awareness. Consumers are craving more personalized outreach from the businesses they interact with. In fact, 72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging and 91% say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers.

Business text messaging offers customers and frontline staff the ability to engage with a real person, in real time, and in a personalized manner right from the beginning of the conversation. The overall customer experience, including onboarding, sales, and customer support services, can be vastly improved with the convenience of business texting. 


  1. Prevent long wait times to make best use of customer and associate time, especially while in store 
  2. Reduce high-effort experiences for both the customer and the associate to keep everyone happy and loyal 
  3. Engage customers one-to-one, even if they’re not in the store, with business text messaging

To learn more ways to engage customers, talk to your iQmetrix Client Manager, visit the Statflo partner page below, and book a Statflo demo today. Happy Holidays!