iQmetrix Unveils Solutions That Bring Online and Mobile Experiences In-Store

-- Interactive, Flexible and Engaging Applications for Retailers and Consumers Highlighted at CTIA 2012 --

NEW ORLEANS (CTIA Booth #1432) May 8, 2012iQmetrix, the leading provider of retail management software for the North American wireless industry, today announced three new retail solutions that bring elements of the online shopping experience into the physical store: XQ Interactive Retail™ AppStream™, XQ Interactive Retail Browse™ for iPad®, and PocketRQ™ Inventory.

Online and mobile shopping have changed the way consumers research, compare and purchase products. To stay competitive, retailers must provide an omni-channel experience: offering the information, convenience, and user interface consumers expect from online and mobile channels – all within the store. iQmetrix’s three new solutions provide retailers with tools to engage customers, boost sales and manage inventory, while also creating a unique overall shopping experience.


XQ AppStream – a new consumer-facing application of the XQ Interactive Retail SaaS solution that displays a variety of mobile apps on an interactive touchscreen interface. With the increasing number of smartphone applications available, it’s difficult for consumers to choose new apps. With XQ AppStream, consumers can select an app to learn more about it and/​or scan a QR code to download the app to their mobile devices while in the store.
Enables consumers to browse smartphone applications through an interactive interface. With XQ AppStream, retailers can curate apps according to themes and uniquely display them, thus becoming a trusted advisor” or source of recommendations for consumers.
Engages consumers in-store by providing them with an entertaining experience and educational product content.
Attracts consumers into the store and creates customer loyalty by displaying apps, clustered according to areas of interest. Staff picks encourage customers to return to the store to see which apps are most popular.

XQ Browse for iPad – a virtual product catalog that offers in-depth information on available devices, rate plans, accessories and feature add-ons via an in-store touchscreen display or handheld tablet. Now available for iPad, XQ Browse gives retailers even more flexibility for empowering customers and staff with on-demand product information.
Provides retailers with a mobile sales aid and training tool. Staff can carry the iPad with them anywhere in the store to walk consumers through product and feature options. The application also keeps all parties updated on new product releases and specs.
Offers flexible display options that include hand-held cases, counter displays and free standing kiosks.
Digitally extends retail shelf space, allowing retailers to digitally display their entire product line and keeping more products in the back. This maximizes floor space and helps decrease inventory loss.
Provides an in-depth shopping experience by providing consumers with the ability to browse product catalogs, compare products and make an informed purchase decision.
Creates a unique shopping experience, allowing consumers to drill down through available products and features and build a shopping list, selecting a device, rate plan, features, and accessories. Consumers can either send their shopping list to the point-of-sale for convenient checkout or scan a system-generated QR code to save their shopping list to their smartphone.

PocketRQ Inventory – allows retail staff to efficiently perform inventory counts by scanning items in the back of house and checking stock availability while in the front of house.
Increases sales and speeds up customer service by providing salespeople with the ability to quickly check inventory stock for requested items, increasing customer satisfaction.
Maintains a constant presence on the sales floor by providing staff with the tools they need to check stock up front. More importantly, it keeps them accessible to customers as they do so.
Reduces error-prone and time-consuming inventory counts by allowing employees to quickly and accurately count serialized and non-serialized products, eliminating errors and re-counts.
Provides staff with the power to regularly count inventory, thus reducing losses due to theft and inventory shrinkage.

“ iQmetrix develops solutions that create an omni-channel shopping experience to empower retailers, while providing the consumer with a consistent shopping experience across online, mobile and in-store channels,” said Christopher Krywulak, iQmetrix President and CEO. These interactive solutions deliver a unique experience to the customer, and provide a flexible, streamlined and efficient workflow for retail staff – ultimately increasing ROI and customer loyalty.”

iQmetrix will be signing up Beta users at CTIA in advance of the products’ June 2012 Beta Launch.

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