iQmetrix Releases Sales Stats for Galaxy S5 Launch Weekend [INFOGRAPHIC]

VANCOUVER, BC – April 18, 2014 – iQmetrix, the leading provider of cell phone store POS software for the North American wireless industry, today released sales statistics from the new Samsung Galaxy S5s launch weekend (Friday, April 11 to Sunday, April 13).

iQmetrix sampled data from over 15,000 store locations across North America, revealing interesting data related to the S5 launch, the launch of its number-one rival, the iPhone 5s (Sept. 20-22, 2013) and sales of Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 devices in the months preceding S5 and 5s launches respectively. (See full infographic below.)

iQmetrix collects data from its RQ cell phone store POS system, utilized by independent wireless retailers across North America to process an estimated 14.5 million handset transactions each year. Information gathered from this substantial database provides a unique look into mobile phone, plan, add-on and accessory purchasing trends.

Key Findings (view full infographic below)

  • Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5s launch sales: The Galaxy S5 sold better at launch (April 11-13) than the iPhone 5s did on its launch weekend (Sept. 20-22, 2013). The S5 comprised 25% of total phones sold in the U.S., and 18% of total phones sold in Canada, during the period. The iPhone 5s comprised 18% of total phones sold in the U.S. during its launch weekend, and 13% of total phones sold in Canada.
  • Galaxy S4 sales in 6-month lead-up to Galaxy S5 launch (Oct. 2013 to March 2014): Even with a new model expected in April 2014, the Galaxy S4 saw sales peaks during the 2013 holiday season and in January 2014.
  • iPhone 5 Sales in 6-Month lead-up to iPhone 5s launch (May 2013 to Oct. 2013): Interestingly, U.S. iPhone 5 sales dropped progressively in the months preceding the iPhone 5s launch. In Canada, on the other hand, sales remained low and flat during the same period.
  • Galaxy S5 launch weekend sales by region: The Galaxy S5 comprised a whopping 41% of phones sold (April 11-13) in the Southern U.S. region; 30% in the Northeast, 23% in the Midwest, 21% in the West, as well as 18% of phones sold in Canada.

An Infographic by the Team at iQmetrix POS Software

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