Infographic: 5 Tips and Tools for Keeping Store Employees Happy

When you’re suffering through a labor shortage like the one the entire retail industry is experiencing right now, it’s vital to use every tool at your disposal to ensure store associates aren’t getting burned out or lured away.

Read our recent two-part blog on Recruitment and Retention for detailed advice on this — part 2 of which we’ve also captured below in this handy infographic.

1. Optimize Staff Scheduling

Need: When you’re operating a lean workforce, you need to ensure your best associates are on shift at the right time, and that scheduling is transparent and optimized. Not only does that make sense for your business, but it also creates a better working environment and helps reduce staff frustration and burnout.

Solution: Check out Shiftlab, which is integrated into iQmetrix solutions and is part of the company ecosystem to which iQmetrix belong. Its data-driven workforce scheduling platform uses sales data to optimize shift schedules and massively enhance productivity.

2. Keep Employees Engaged

Need: To keep your staff in your employ, it’s crucial they are motivated and happy to keep your business running smoothly, with low employee turnover.

Solution: Arcade is a workplace engagement and motivation tool that boost productivity for wireless retailers, with gamified incentives and rewards tailored to the motivational needs of different levels of employees. Using the integration with iQmetrix’s retail management solutions, you’ll have insights from to help keep your staff happy and engaged, and move your business forward.

3. Train Staff Effectively — and Scalably

Need: To keep your staff in your employ, it’s crucial they are motivated and happy to keep your business running smoothly, with low employee turnover.

Solution: Upduo is a unique peer-to-peer training platform that applies best practices in learning and coaching to bring effective learning and coaching to organizations. Through a simple mobile platform, more experienced staff mentors and top performers coach newer associates via one-on-one video coaching sessions.

4. Improve Store Associates’ Performance

Need: In a world where there are more and more devices, accessories, rate plans, add-ons, and promotions to sell in-store, you need performance-management tools to ensure your staff are always up to speed.

Solution: Smart Access’ performance management platform helps retailers improve store performance, including meeting sales targets and delivering consistent quality service, via personalized how-to guidance on workers’ mobile devices. With the iQmetrix integration, clients can gain more sales per shift and higher customer satisfaction with rapid distribution of new product knowledge and updates. Smart Access delivers performance analytics that help retail operators understand where to focus to improve.

5. Solve Issues Management Effortlessly

Need: One thing that can demotivate employees in a flash is the poor handling of issues and less-than-optimal communications practices. You need a foolproof, all-in-one system that manages tasks and issues in a way that ensures everyone knows what’s happening and what they’re accountable for.

Solution: Intelocate is a one-stop issue-resolution and task-management tool that enables retailers to track, measure, and understand the full lifecycle of each issue at each store. With its iQmetrix integration, this offers a full picture that helps retailers improve issues and prevent problems from arising — making their stores a much happier place to work.

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