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Smart Access offers retailers a new location-aware learning solution to help train and reskill their retail workers faster, more effectively, and at scale. The modern learning platform runs on mobile devices to provide instant access to personalized training sessions, enabling retailers to capture and distribute training to their frontline quickly.

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About Smart Access

Smart Access’ location-aware mobile performance support platform equips retailers to train and reskill frontline workers faster, more effectively, and at scale. With training and product information embedded on the store floor and in the back-office, Smart Access accelerates the speed to productivity for frontline workers, helping retailers to adapt operations quickly so they can compete at the pace of modern retail.

Smart Access technology runs on workers' mobile devices to deliver training that is tailored to the business's exact work situation, personalized to the individual associate, and can be consumed immediately through their device.

Smart Access

To help decrease the burden of training and reskilling wireless retail employees, iQmetrix clients can leverage the Smart Access platform to train employees 6x faster. The Smart Access platform enables the rapid creation and delivery of job-specific training and product content to frontline workers.


Smart Access: With today’s workforce challenges and shortages, learn how to reduce the time to make a new or existing employee proficient



Smart Access Solutions

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Here is an example of the Smart Access platform in action. Find out more at

Smart Access - Access & Consume



The future of learning…on the floor and in the moment delivery of learning…
Travis Lawrence
VP HR, The Home Depot
What we love about Smart Access is it gets information out of internal systems and into the hands of our people…
Director of Learning, Top 10 US Retailer
A consistent, seamless customer experience was really important to us and a challenge to achieve with our existing training practices, we really liked the unique, location-based model of Smart Access and the speed of deploying training materials to employees, when and where they needed it most.
Brian Schatzel
Executive Vice President of Retail at Your Wireless


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